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Sunday, June 16, 2013

May 21 2013

Okay, I have absolutely no idea where this week went. It was like "oh it's...what? it's Sunday already?!" My goodness.
I'm not getting transferred. Which means I'm moving to the Tempe mission. And by the time the move happens I'll have been in this area for almost 10 months. I'll just have to wait one more transfer to beat Hna P's 11 months here in Encanto.
We got a new ward mission leader on Sunday. Ours moved to the singles ward recently. The member who just got called was baptized 17 months ago. They gave him the Melchizedek priesthood on Sunday, which is amazing (another miracle up on the whiteboard) we've been trying to get this family to the temple since they hit their year mark but it hasn't happened. Hopefully now it will. =) We actually went to his house on Sunday to do a family night with him...about missionary work. Oops. =) It was before we knew that he was getting called. It went pretty well. And his wife makes the best chocoflan I've ever tasted. =)
The bishop also told us that we're getting a new relief society president as well. But they haven't called her yet.
Hna P (my trainer) is heading home today after finishing her 18 months of service. That's a little weird to think about.
Have you all heard about the broadcast that they're going to have on June 23?
"Worldwide Leadership Broadcast: 'The Work of Salvation'

"Ward and stake council members, their spouses, full-time missionaries, and other interested Church members are invited to participate in a special session of the Seminar for New Mission Presidents entitled 'The Work of Salvation,' which will be broadcast from the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah, on Sunday, June 23, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. mountain daylight time. The program will be subsequently rebroadcast to many areas of the world. President Thomas S. Monson, President Boyd K. Packer, and members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will share messages about missionary work and conversion.
You should all go. It's going to be legit. And "interested members" should mean all of you. Just sayin. =)
Hmm. Well our investigator Paola who we thought was going to get baptized pretty fast, needs a little bit more time. Which is totally okay. It's not a race. She thinks that she has to fully repent before God will answer her prayers. So she wants to wait on the baptism. I think it's a good idea. So we'll wait a couple of more weeks with her. But she'll get there. She's so prepared! She just wants everything to be right between her and God. She wants to make up for all the bad she did in her past life. Yep, so cool.
We visited a less active last night Yesenia. She's awesome amazing and hilarious. She used to always go out with us, but around Oct, she stopped going to church and kind of dropped off the planet. The last little while we've managed to find her at home a lot and we force her to feed us (especially when her mom was visiting from Mexico). But last night was different because my awesome companion busted out in a heavenly inspired invitation. So a little background, I've been going through temple withdrawals (we can only go once every three months) and I keep telling Hna T as soon as June hits we're GOING to the temple. So while we're at this member's house Hna T invites her to come to the temple with us when we go, not knowing that this member has never been. She's 30, single, and been a member for almost all of her life. Suddenly the Spirit just filled the room. And Yesenia felt it. She commited to prepare to go to the temple. =) And then she came to a noche de hogar with us after dinner. It was amazing. She hasn't come to anything like that in a very long time. The Lord. My heavens. He's awesome.
Well, I think that's about it for this week. =)
Love you all. Go to the temple and think of me while you're there.
PS I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I've been studying convenants lately. Yep, just about the coolest things EVER! Maybe you knew this already but I didn't. =)

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