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Monday, May 13, 2013

17 Miracles...okay, almost 17 miracles =)

So last week I informed you about Hna M's (a member) idea to have a ward fast for missionary work. And we did it. We ended up inviting 12ish families to fast for la obra misional and their own missionary experiences. SInce then well, we've had so many miracles we had to start a Miracle Count on our huge white board in the apartment. =) 13 to be exact. Yep fasting man. It works.

The zone leaders tried to tell us that said fast was actually against the rules last night, but do not fear it's not. We're just not allowed to ask people at home to fast for special causes. So we were completely obedient. We are working hard and letting the members know that we want/need their help. Thus receiving many blessings.

Miracle #1:
Background: While I was with Hna G we found a less active in this apartment complex. One time when Hna G and Hna M (the member) went back to visit her (we were on spits) their house was infested with bed bugs.
Present: At this same apt complex with Hna M and our apointment fell through so Hna M asks about this less active. No we had not been back to visit her since that fatefull day. Should we go visit her now? Sure. We've got nothing else to do. So we go over to her house and this less active had moved. BUT there was a younger lady inside. She had just moved in 2 days ago. 2 DAYS MAN!! She asked if we were Christains and told us that we were always welcome in her house. Set an appointment. Went back. Told us that even though she's had 3 miscarrages, she has her 5 year old son and loves him and she knows this hard things make her stronger. She wants to change to become the example she needs to be for her son. Can we say SUPER prepared? Why, yes. Yes I think we can. =)

Miracle #2:
At the ward's mother's day activity on Friday night. We have a list of things to do to make it productive time. We're walking around greeting everyone and the music is SUPER loud. You can barely hear yourself think. We go talk to Hna A. Single mom and super legit. She says hello and then proceeds to half yell at us saying that she's bringing a friend to church on Sunday and she wants us to come meet her on Saturday so that she can feel more comfortable for her first day of church. The friend, Paola, is living with Hna A, has listened to missionaries before, but then had no interest. Now she says she feels like she NEEDS to be closer to him. She wants to repent and be free of the guilt of her sins. We read her parts of Alma 36 and she said that's exactly how she wants to feel. AHHH! Came to church. Loved it. Have a return appointment on Tuesday. And she will be invited to be baptized. =) I believe in miracles.

Miracle #3: Hna J, the Yound Women President gave us a referral a week agoish. We talked to her yesterday at church how she wants us to go about contacting and working with this lady. Last time she gave a referral to the missionaries they went without her and it wasn't as greeat as she had hoped. So she asked us to come to her house and have dinner with her and teach her how she can go about it so it will be more effective this time. She basically she asked us to go over and role play with her about how to invite her friend to listen to the missionaries. Maybe that doesn't sound too miracle ish to you, but really it is. She WANTS us to come hep her be a better member missionary. =) Have I mentioned that fasting works yet?

Miracle #4:
Background: A transfer ago I went with Hna F on exchanges to Estrella ward. There I met this lovely truly converted recent convert, Hna V, and her non member grandma. We proceeded to teach the grandma a spirit filled lesson. She agreed with all we said. Said that she knows this is what her husband who died a couple of years ago wants her to do and that she knows she'll see him again. Accepted a baptisimal date right then and there. She was baptized two weeks later.
Present: Last night we got a call from the zone leaders telling us that we have a member referral from the Estrella ward. He tells me the name and the name of the member who it's from. It's this grandma's grandaughter, Hna V's sister in law. Her brother has been talking to her about the church and told her he's sending missionaries over. Yep, we will be stopping by tonight. =)

Okay, so that's four out of the 13 miracles we've noticed so far in the lsat week. The highlights for sure. Others include a certain less active member coming to church dressed in a spiffy suit and it being the 3rd time he's come to church in the last month, Karen's progress in lessons, Hna M's help in the obra. Etc. Etc. =)

All in all. Great week. =)

Love you
Hna Scott

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