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Monday, May 13, 2013

"As daughters of God we are each unique and different in our circumstances and experiences. And yet our part matters—because we matter." -Sis Dalton

April 29, 2013

Man. Well, we had interviews this last week. I usually really do like interviews. Besides the fact that I hate meetings and interviews usually are 5 hour long meetings. At the end Pres T spoke to us about the changes taking plae as of July 1st. If I'm here in Encanto, if I don't get transferred next transfer, I will become part of the Tempe mission. Which since I'm training it's very unlikely that I'll get transferred. But, stranger things have happened. It's kind of a bitter sweet kind of thing. Stay with my mission pres and all my mission friends or stay with the ward, investigators, and members I've grown to love. Leaving either will hurt more than I would like to admit. It was a really emotional meeting. Pres T and Sis T were crying and saying how we're their kids and it will be like saying goodbye to 32 of their favorite children. Man. I love those two. Then they made us all stand around a piano and all together we lifted it up with little effort. Lift where you stand he said. Whether it's in the APM or in the Tempe mission. My goodness. I don't like change. Not at all.

Durning the meeting Sis T was talking about how when it comes time for to take her name tag off she doesn't know what she's going to do. She's so used to people being able to see who she is and who she stands for that when that day comes she's going to be lost. And I was thinking about it too. I love putting my name tag on everyday. I love teaching. I love telling people how much God loves them and how He created this beautiful plan for them, just for them. We were teaching this girl named Karen. She's 13 and really wants to change her life around. Just looking into her eyes and saying, "Karen, He loves you and knows you can change." Then feeling the Spirit testify to your words and seeing in her face that she feels it, I've got the best job in the world.

This week we also taught a lesson in YWs for part of the Come Follow Me program. (have I mentioned how much I love that program?) It was so cool. Since it's the apostasy and restoration and Jessica, the YW leader wanted us to cover Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon we started by telling all the cool stories we know about how God prepared for America to be established. (thank you institute) THat just got all the girls super excited. =) It was so cool for them to see how real history ties into the gospel. How for things to have happened the way they did, God's hand had to be in it. After that we went into Jospeh Smith and had them read the first vision. Then., like always after someone reads the first vision the Spirit was super strong. So we made them sit in silence for about a minute and a half and just hink about how the gosple how Joseph Smith and the BofM have changed their lives. It was so cool.

I love silence. I love when you just feel that peaceful feeling and just sitting in it. We really all should do it more often. Sing a song, read a favortie verse outloud, read the first vision and then just sit in Spirit filled silence and think about how it has changed your life.

Then they shared what they had thought about. One girl told us how with all the things Joseph SMith went through and he stayed strong. He stood up to everyone when they were trying to kill him etc. She said it helped her to know that she can always stand up for what she believes in. Man. Have I mentioned yet that I have the best job in the world? =) Because I do.

Well, as far as numbers and missionary goals this week was a tough week, but it was still full of really awesome stuff. It was full of the Spirit. And that's what matters. If you're feeling the Spirit that means He approves of what you're doing. So no matter if no one let you in that week, if your golden investigator told you that they didn't want to learn anymore, if you're sunburned

If you feel the Spirit you're still doing a good job.

Well, love you all. Have a great week. Keep being awesome.

Hna Scott

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