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Monday, May 13, 2013

May 6, 2013

So this last week has been pretty eventful. It's been fun too. One we got a new zone leader last transfer. He came in and is pushing us all to do better, says that the zone is way below where it should be etc etc. Part of me wanted to get excited, okay I did get all excited to meet these new goals and this new vision, especially since Pres T challenged us as a zone to baptize 15 people in the month of May (5 per district). But of course I was too prideful to let him see how excited I was. ) Me and my pride man...well it is the universal sin.

So to go along with everything that's happening: we're trying really hard to get the ward involved back into missionary work. We haven't included them in a long time and the missionary spirit has been lacking. So as a lovely hermana in the ward suggested we decided to have a ward fast this fast Sunday. But of course the meeting where we actually coordinate these kind of things didn't happen this last week. So we spent all week going around and reading Alma 37:6-7 (by small and simple means God bring to pass the salvation of many souls) with members and talking about how fasting is something small and simple that they can do to help us. We mentioned how we can't do this work again and we really need their help.

We ended up inviting 10ish of the families in our area and the elders went and invited the families in their areas too. So we're really expecting great things in the next couple of weeks. =) It's really exciting. It's so cool to see everyone's desire to share the gospel grow. As we went around a lot of people talked about conference and that they know it's their job, that they want to share the gospel but don't know how. So, we've planned this lovely little lesson that starting tonight we're going to go do with people. Tonight we're practicing it with Hna M and her mom, then we ill put it into practice. So the plan is to read parts of Elder Andersen's talk from conference with them. Then read the part that quotes DyC theat says if we open our mouths it will be given us what to say. Then we're going to make the role play with us, role play talking with their friends and inviting them to church. Role play their friends asking them questions about the church and going over how they would answer. Yep. It's going to happen. Then at the end we're going to read the quote that says, "If you’re not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to paint one on your heart—painted, as Paul said, “not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God.” And we've made copies of our name tags with our names blacked out and we'll write their name there in white out pen. Yep, I think it's genius. =) But we'll see how it actually goes when we practice with Hna M. I'm super excited here. Already people are getting more and more excited to help out. Man, it's going to be good. =)

Hna T and I are doing great. There are moments when I see a lot of her in me, a lot of not wanting to get better because that means I have to admit I need to improve first. So it makes me feel more even more sad when she digs in her heels and won't do it. But I know I did it too. But I love her and I loved seeing her improve the other day when she did stop and think, when she leet the Spirit talk to her and help her find an inspired heaven sent question to ask. It was so cool. I think I was more emotional than the investigator was, but shhhh. Don't tell her that. ;-)

Well, I think that's all really. We're still working with Karen and Olivia. Olivia told us that she finally needed to make the decision. She basically talked herself out of all her doubts (about Jose Smith-that he was a bad man) by realizing that all good things that come from God and that all of the people at church are good. So if they're good why would they follow the teachings of a bad man. It was cool to see. So she said she'd make the decision that night, that she'd think really hard about the BofM about God and church and about what she really wants and needs in her life. But then when we came back the next day, her mom was basically dying and Olivia was talking to her sister making plans to go to Mexico before she dies...BLAST!! Everytime we get close with her some family tragedy happens. Last time it was that her daughter tried to stab her father with a knife and could go to jail for it at any moment. This lady...she is going to be the death of me. But I love her with my whole heart and soul. When we were their last she kept telling us how we've given her more hope, more desire to continue in life, that she appreciates everything we've done for her. I could have smothered her with hugs at that moment, but I didn't because she needs to realize that those feelings are from GOD not from us. LIke I said, she's going to kill me. But I love her.

Okay really now, goodbye. Have a wonderful week and a splendid mothers day.
Hna Scott

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