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Monday, April 22, 2013

If you’re not a full-time missionary with a missionary badge pinned on your coat, now is the time to paint one on your heart—painted, as Paul said, “not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God.”

Well, another week here in the AZ has passed. And I'vemanagedto pick another computer where the space bar doesn't work. Soforgivethe no spaces please. It's been a pretty good week with lotsof things to do.

I forgot to tell you last week about SisT's first street contact. So we're walking thropugh this apartment looking for a referral we have and all the sudden we run into this man,who starts asking us about the devil.If webelieve thathe's here onthe earth nowor if it's just his spirits here on the earth. Eventually he ends up telling us that he is a heroine addict and that he has some right now in his pocket but that he wants to change. It was a great first contact. And I mean thatin a classic funny,of course the first person she talks to happens to be ahomeless person adicted to heroine. She found it quite hilarious. =) I did to. But of course. I fail at telling funny stories. SO she would tell it much better than me. Last night we also ran into analcoholic. I;'ve seen her often at the otherapt complex when we're there and she always says thingsl like, "I knowI'man alcoholic and that I'm drunk but one day I'm goingto talk to you.But not today." "Look it'sthe church ladies. I'mnot ready to talk to you today." Etc' It was usually comical becauseher words were so slurred and she was almost falling over. But I always felt like she was telling the truth, that one day she would talk to us. And yesterday she did. And we wouldn't even had run into her if I hadn't missed the parking lot I usually park in and then decided to walk around the apt complex ina way that was different.

Man. I wish I could tell this like it was.

Basically I was crossed by a drunk Cathhlic woman on the head. She also crossed me and then kissed her hand. Itwas pretty hilarious. Hna T and I were laughing hysterically wheen we got back inthe car. But I will start fromthe beginning. We walked by this lady and she stopped us. She was cryingand told us that she needed a prayer. So we wentinto her very nice and clean house. She tellsus that she's an aclohojlic and that she wants to stop.She lives by herself and her daughter hates herbecause she's an alcohlic. She used to do all sorts of drugs, then she listed off a whloe bunch of street names I'venever heard before, but she stopped.She decided to stop soshe did, but she can'tstop the alcohol. Thenshe told us that hermom is dead andshe really just wants to go home with her mom. She showed us the scars of the times she's triedto kill herself. She'scrying and asking Jesus to take her. So I askedher if she really wanted to change. She said yes and we told her to dump out the beer in the can that whas right there on the table so she did. She showedus her fridge and that she doesn't have anymore beer in there. Then we said aprayer. After that she fell onthe ground onher knees and just started crying and crying, saying that she doesn't know what's going to happen to hre that night, asking Jesus to take her home and also askingHim to help her not do anything stupid that night. So we went and got an extra BofM and told her to start reading it.So she sat down right there and started reading it. Up to that point she had been hysterical, but the longer she read the calmer she got. She was reading out loud and we were helping her with some ofthe harder words. In the end she seemed pretty normal. She thanked us for coming by and we toldher we'dstop by the next day., Then she just kept hugging us and kissed our heads, crossed us then hugged us again. We'll see what happens when we go back today.

Yep that's basically the most exciting things that happened this week. All of our investigators are going through really bad family problems. Olivia's daughter stabbed her dad the other day and couldn't pay the fine so now she may be in jail. Maria's second oldest daughter is acting out and doing all sorts of things. It's intense. Drama drama drama. I wish they'd all just realizethat God is not making all these things happen to them. He can'tstop them from,ahppening because their kids have their agency and because these trials will help them grow. Harmph. =)

But it's been a pretty good week. Hna T and I laugh all the time. She's hilarious. We both know what words like fandom, shipping, canon, etc mean. We both have internet identities and weboth lived in an internet world unknown to most people. We just have our different fandoms. Me - Star trek. Her - Harry Potter and Dr Who. We often have apostate moments where we go off on some actress and how much we love her or what the bests sites are for finding clean fan fics or how amazing Alan Rickman is. She talks about Once Upon a Time a lot and tell her she had better SHUT her mouth because I don't want to know a thing until I watch it myself. =) She's a great missionary and always wants to work. She really doesn't seemlike she's 19 and for that I am eternally grateful.

Yep the work goes forth.

Hna Scott

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