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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yep, got nothin creative today for the title.

Did you know that here in Phoenix they celebrate Cesar Chavez Day? Well they do. And that means all the libraries are closed. I clearly remember saying on Easter, "well at least Easter is on Sunday so we can still email on P day like normal. Then WABAM!! Text from the ZLs saying that all the Phoenix libraries are closed. And since we're lucky enough not to have a family history center in our area here we are emailing on Tuesday.

So a little bit of exciting stuff happened this last week. One of the hermanas in our apartment went home a week ago today. She had some medical stuff and needed to go home. So once again, here I am in a trio. Man. A trio. But this time it's only for two weeks. A week from today is transfers and Hna G will be getting a new comp. Word on the street is that we're getting 8 new spanish hermanas. PS that's the amount of hermanas than we have to train them. It's going to be intense. They're going to have to open up a lot of new hermana areas. Did I mention that it's going to be intense? =) And so with all the new mission changes, they accidentally made the new boundaries public to the missionaries already. Oops! So where I am currently working will not be in the Arizona Phoenix Mission, in fact NONE of Phoenix is going to be in the Phoenix Mission. We'll have the Phoenix North Stake and that's it. And well, with all these new missions it also means some people may have new missions and new mission presidents. Yep, that's right. It's intense.

Hna C had her MRI a week ago yesterday that will determine if she has to go home or not. And of course the doctors think they can just be all slow in getting back to her with the results. She's going a little crazy. Which is completely understandable. I would be too. In fact I am a little bit for her. She thinks something has changed and she will be going home. Apparently one of the ways her MS manifests itself is through her eyes. The first time she had symptoms she couldn't see at all. And from there they found out she has MS. Her and her dad were diagnosed around the same time. Anyway, she says her eyes aren't focusing anymore and as of two weeks ago she could see the words on this white board that we have and now she can't. So she thinks she'll be leaving soon to get new medication worked out for her. Even if there are no results on the MRI she's still thinking that it would be a good idea to go home.

This week was a slow week because of all the dr appointments we had, then we had to drive all the way to 100th Ave to go to Costco to get Hna C's medicine since it's cheapest there (which by the way they said they didn't have her one record so we had to call Sis T who then had to call the dr then she called the pharmacy then she had to call us back then she had to fill out paperwork then we had to wait 30 minutes for them to prepare the medicine. So that trip took quite a while) and we're in the trio so twice the amount of meetings to go to and twice the amount of work with the same amount of time to do it all. It's a little crazy. But we finally found Amelia again and she still wants us to go over, Olivia is reading the BoM on and off and her whole perspective on the trials God has given her has changed and she actually thanks Him for things in her prayers, Carlos still hasn't smoked since the day we taught him la palabra de Sabiduria. So good things are happening, even if it seems like its happening slowly. It's all God's timetable.

My Easter was just like any other normal day in the mission field. We went to church well the first 45 minutes then had to rush over to Cielito then we tried to see all the people we would normally see, but they were all off having their Easter celebrations. So we checked out the referrals that we've received recently and then contacted a little bit. It was cool. Normal.

Hmm. Anything else...yes, it's already hot here this morning when we left the house it was 86 degrees. We have the air conditioner on. The church is true and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO STINKIN EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!!!!! My companions and I have already decided we're sneaking in to the mother's room to listen to priesthood session. ;-)

Love you all lots and lots.
hna Scott

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