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Monday, April 15, 2013

"Forever fan the flame of your faith, because all things are possible to them that believe." - Elder Holland

I am finally mostly not sick!!! It's amazing. Just a littl ebit of a cough and a little bit of a sore throat. It was really very ironic. I told Sis T that I had been sick and tell her the symptoms then she decided I had strep \, she called up the mission dr and he called me in a perscription. Well he was supposed to. By the time he remembered to call it in and we had time to pick it up all the strep symptoms were gone and all I had was that awful cough, I started taking the antibiotics just in case and the day I ran out I got a sore throat =) But I think I'm really finally on the mend and I've actually been able to sleep through the night for three nights now!! It's a miracle.

Well I suppose you would like to know about my lovely new companion. Her name is Hna Taylor. And then there's Pres Taylor. Who's name that he goes by happens to be Scott. And I'm Hna Scott. I find it amusing. =) She's from Kansas. She went to USU and happened to be roommates with someone I know from band. I actually went to her apartment once or twice to see her roommate. It's a small world. She's the oldest of 5. She's very short. And she is doing really well. Much better than I did when I first got out here. She's ready to learn and to work. She's always studying the area map and asking questions. She took Spanish in jr high and high school equaling in 6 years of Spanish, being put in the intermediate calss in the MTC. Yep, it's legit. We've have some good times. I like her a lot. Hopefully the feeling is mutual. =)

Training someone I think is more for your benefit than theirs. It's nice studying the program with all the different subjects. As a missionary who's been out for a while it's really easy to use it and see where your weaknesses are and the areas where you can improve and automatically apply them to yourself. As a new missionary it's harder because it's more difficult to apply it to yourself. At least that's how it was for me.

So the other day we were walking through this apt complex contqacting the referals the english elders gave us. We had just been talking about some of the ways to tell if a house or an apt is inhabited by hispanics, namely a mop outside, or aloe vera plants in pots and we walked by this door with a mop outside and I had this ipression to knock the door. So I was like yeah sure. We'll knock. So we did. I was positive it was going to be someone who spoke Spanish. Nope she was definitely speaking spanish and she was not of hispanic lineage. Anyway, we told her who we were and what we did and she automatically let us in. SHe told how she knows God has been telling her to go back to church she knows prayer works and she wants to get God back in her life, but that she knows she needs help to do so. She said before we knocked on her door she'd been feeling sad and depressed and there we were. It was pretty legit. Hna T did such a good job explaining prayer and tying everything that the woman said into the it was legit. And just what I had been praying for. We had knocked on doors for an hour the day before and not a single person wanted us to go back. So Hna T got to see that the Lord really does prepare people to recieve us. (even though we had to give her over to the english elders.) It was a cool experience. And the whole reason we knocked on that door was because there was a mop outside. I was half expecting it to not be there when we went back outside.

Things are going well. It's crazy that in just a couple of days I'll have been out for 9 months. Not that I'm counting down or anything. =) And just cause I've been out that long doesn't mean I still don't appreciate mail. =) Just sayin. I've learned a lot and hope to continue to do so. I've started reading Jesus the Christ, which is something I always said I would never do and it's legit. Conference was so awesome and just great. I love hearing from the apostles and the profeta. I love this ward. Encanto really is so great. I love the members so much. The thought of leaving some of them just about makes my heart break. It's a good thing AZ is only a 12 hour drive away and coming back won't be that big of a deal. Basically I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love it here. It's hard sometimes. I won't lie. In the transfer meeting Pres T started saying things like, "If on your mission you've ever felt alone, please stand up." And he just went on and on listing all of these feelings or circumstances that are hard to deal with. Everyone except the new arrivals were standing up and Pres T asked them all to look around and then told them that it will be hard. THat a mission is not a walk in the park and it's not supposed to be, but to know that their Savior will always be there for them. It weas really a powerful moment. And I know it's true. THis is hard. But it was not easy for Christ so it can't be easy for us. That as many downs as you have eventually the ups will out number them, now or in the next life. But they will be out numbered. I know that our trials are personalized, tailored to our very needs so we can put on the divine nature in exactly the ways that we need to. I know that my Savior loves me.

And I know He loves you.

I hope your weeks are full of sunshine and growth, even if that growth may, at moments be painful. I love you all.
Hna Scott

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