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Sunday, April 14, 2013

"A mission is a family affair." - Pres Monson



Just about the best thing of my life.

No joke.

Loved all of it. And if you happened to watch the thing in between the sessions on Sunday about the Bible, that was really cool. And all the people had British accents which made it even more enjoyable. =)

So conference...hmm favorite talk? This may sound strange but I really liked Elder Bednar's about la ley de castidad (law of chastity). I really thought it had good points, making it less of a rule, giving it a reason. Hopefully that makes sense. I also really really really liked Elder Holland's.


I mean it's Elder Holland.

I really like how for the last 3 conferences or so he's been using stories from the Bible to illustrate his point. And it was just awesome. So was Elder Uchdtorf's and Pres. Monson's and Elder Eyring's (though I had a coughing attack during it so we had to leave and I didn't get to watch the first part) and Sister Dalton's and Sister Wixom's. Okay I really liked Sister Wixom's because I found out Saturday night at about 9:45 that I'm going to be...

No, not a mom silly.

A trainer.


But I think it may be just as close as you can get to being a mom without actually being a mom. Suddenly I find myself praying for this girl I've never met, planning for her in advance, wondering how in the world I'm going to help her have the best foundation she can have, etc etc.

And I love her already.

It's just about the weirdest thing I've experienced in my life.

And Sis. Wixom's talk, though talking about parents and how to raise your children, it also had some good points as a trainer how to help your trainie become what God know's she will become. So yep. She's probably here in Arizona right now at the mission home eating lunch right...hmm...well we'll see. I will meet her sometime around 10ish tomorrow. So I'm really thankful for the time I've had with Hna C. I feel like it's been a training to be a trainer, since she's now completely her 3rd transfer I was her first companion that she had after the first 12 week training program so I then had to learn to take control of all the situations to juts open my mouth and PRAY that God fills it with what they need to hear, etc. Yep, God sure knows what He's doing.

I have been sick the week. It's been ridiculous. I don't get sick. I just don't. And when I do I it's usually gone in a couple days and I can work through it. Nope. Not this time. I've slept a lot more during the day moslty because I'm up all night coughing. My abs are so sore, if it keeps up I'm going to have a six pack soon. =)

Olivia is doing well. If you don't remember her she's the one I've been working with since I got here. We found her over six months ago and we had to let her go for a little while but we picked her up when I was with Hna G. She's 45ish has three kids and two grandaughters. Olivia has a lot of family problems right now and sometimes she gets so overwhelmed with what's going on and to deal with it she just locks her heart in a room and just crys and crys. No matter how strongly the Spirit is there she refuses to fill it. Then when we come back in a couple of days she's fine. She's a softie but doesn't want anyone to know it. =) We've both been sick together the last couple of days and she's always lecturing me telling me to put on a sweater. I don't think she realizs that for me 90 degrees is really hot. =) She's so cool. I love her very much. So because of this hardness she gets sometimes I was wondering if we should again give her more time to think about things and not visit for a while, but while we were there last night, the Spirit confirmed to all three of us that she needs to be visited still. And boy am I glad. I mean I could stop visiting her because I love her and will do what the Lord wants but...well she's one of the people I promised to help in the premortal life. And apparently I'm not leaving Encanto until she's baptized. =)

Well, peace out my friends, until next week.
If you didn't watch all of conference - DO!! One video a day. That's at most 20 minutes a day. You can do it.

Hna Scott

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