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Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 3, 2013

And again...
"Ward and stake council members, their spouses, full-time missionaries, and other interested Church members are invited to participate in a special session of the Seminar for New Mission Presidents entitled 'The Work of Salvation,' which will be broadcast from the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah, on Sunday, June 23, 2013, at 4:00 p.m. mountain daylight time. The program will be subsequently rebroadcast to many areas of the world. President Thomas S. Monson, President Boyd K. Packer, and members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will share messages about missionary work and conversion.

"Where necessary, we ask local leaders to adjust scheduled worship services so that members are able to participate in the live broadcast of this historic event. . . .
Are you going? I am.
Well, yep. Another week has gone by. We've found a couple of new investigators and we've, sadly, lost a few who seemed super golden. We met with another member and role played with her. She knows exactly who she's going to invite to partake in the joy of the gospel. And she now knows exactly how she's going to do it. It's so exciting. It's so cool to feel the special Spirit in the room when we talk with a member about how they can do missionary work and help them realize this desire that they have.
I told you about the miracle count. We have a total of 38 miracles for the month of May. I will include a picture. =) Now we will erase the board and start ever for June. Yep, God is good, God is good.
Yesterday we had stake conference. And guess who came? Elder M Russell Ballard. =)  He didn't come talk to the mission or anything, but it was still super cool to listen to him speak. I love the apostles. So great. He bestowed an apostolic blessing on us and he called all of us to repentance. He talked about how we should all treat the chapel with more respect. In the chapel we participate in THE MOST IMPORTANT worship service in our whole church, in the chapel we renew our covenants with God. When we enter the chapel we should change from the worldly things to a spiritual mindset. Man, it was so cool! I love church.
Pres. Taylor also spoke at the stake conference and he talked about the switch of mission boundries and related it to the switching of ward and stake boundries so all the members could understand how we feel. He told the whole stake that he trusts all of us with his life so they should all trust us with their friends. Yep, won't lie. I cried. I have to start praying a whole lot more for the Toones so I actually like them when they come.
Oh and I have to stop using words like "man" and "legit" al the time. It wsa my trade with Hna T so she'd stop saying things like "totes" and "sups" in place of "totally" and "super" Ma-- I mean, by golly, the price I pay to help my trainie become better ;-)
The work is good. Karen will be getting baptized on the 15th as long as her dad is okay with it. We should be getting in to see Paola again soon. We found this one lady because the Spirit is persistent and now we're teaching her. She told us that she doesn't think Joseph Smith really could have happened. But then we testified and told her how God sent us to her house and told her how much He loves her and wants her to know these things and invited her to read the BofM to know. (she's also studying with Jehovas witnesses). So if she follows her feelings, all shal be well. If not, well, we did all we could, and everyone has their agency.
Well peace out my friends. The church is true. Be covenant keepers. Share the gospel
Hna Scott
Jesus is coming look busy

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