Going to the temple

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Salvation man.

Well, how was the meeting? Did you go? If you didn't, well, you missed out. I'm not sure if you can watch it online but I do know you CAN check out this awesome new part of =)

I loved it, I loved it. I loved Pres Packer's talk. A great teacher saying the greatest teachers are mothers. Yep, enjoyed that a lot. Hmm what else...really liked the lady who Elder Neilson interviewed, I really liked her hair. =) I loved how it said we have to be united members and missionaries. There has to be communication and love. I also loved how they said that bringing back a soul who has already heard the gospel but then fallen away is just as noble as bringing in someone new. I believe that. We've been working with a less active for a while now and she's now been to church three weeks in a row. We invited her to go to the temple with us I love her. =) Man, I should have broguht my notes. Also loved the story of Pres Monon's about the ward in Canada. It's amazing what faith can do, if it's real faith that leads to action. Overall, SOOOOO good! But what do we do with all this new information and excitement? DO we just go back to life like it was before, or do we automatically do something different? If so, what do we do? This is where I am with this right now. How do I impliment what I learned into my missionary work? Well, my comp was happy because I said we weren't going to go knocking last night like we had originally planned. =)

A little about how we do know it's going to affect us. Internet! Church tours! A lot less knocking! And more! But we were just told that we have to keep it quiet for another week...bleh! But because of certain circumstances Pres T thinks all the changes will take place here in Phoenix and Tempe faster than most other missions. All of these things will be implimented in stages and you have to wait for the missionary department approval to be able to do it. But they hope for every mission to have these changes within a year. MAN!!!!!! SOOOOOO COOL! Sometimes I find myself wanting to be a member so I can help with misionary work...then I remember I'm a missionary... =)
Oh, before I forget. Weekly mormon message:
I love this one. Everytime, man. It just makes me cry. People like Hyrum are special and pure and we could all learn to be more like his sister.

Well, that one old investigator who I told you about who called a couple Saturdays ago and told us that she would be coming to church, yep she's getting baptized!! WOOHOO!!! Then they're going to work on becoming an eternal family! It's so awesome. She's in the middle of moving though because she didn't have the money to pay rent so she's moving in with her cousin, but she wants to learn and she wants to be baptized. They're hoping to move to washington in a month so her and her boyfroiend can get married and become an awesoem church going family.

This week was a little slower because of all the meetings and stuff so we weren't able to do a lot, but it was still good. Karen got confirmed for real this time unlike last Sunday when it really didn't work. BUT that is a story for another time. =) We found out Laura's not married and we are going to invite her to live the law of chasity unti lshe gets married. When we met with them last, she was super discouraged. We talked about family history and asked Karen and Laura to prepare names to go to the temple, but Laura just looked so glum. She doesn't think Omar, her boyfriend for the last 13 years is going to want tpo finalize his divorce with the other lady and marry her. Man, I just wanted to hug her. So we then told her that she can't give up on her faith. She can't get discouraged because that makes us forget our faith. She'll get there and one day I know that family will go to the temple.

Well, that is all I do believe. Last week in the Phoenix mission...then comes the Tempe!
The church is true.
Hna Scott

PS going to the temple Wednesday!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! Can you say SUPER EXCITED?!?!? =) =) =) =)

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