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Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Let someone else take care of it."

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We want to get the jovenes here to do something like this! Hopefully it works out. =)

Weekly plug:
"The two visitors [to the APM this last week], Tracy Watson (Missionary Department's director of proselyting) and Steve Allen (managing director of the Missionary Department and Brother Watson's boss) said there will be a lot of big announcements at the June 23rd broadcast. Hope you're looking forward to it." - Pres T

June 23rd.

Be there.

Have I mentioned that there are details about what will be announced that I'm not allowed to tell you? Yep, we here in the Phoenix mission, we've got an in and we know a little about what's going to happen and change about missionary work. You want to be there. I promise.

Well, On Saturday Karen was baptized!! I will try and include a picture. AHHH!! Her whole family came. It was so cool! Then her grandman and her aunt came for her confirmation too. It was really cool. Laura wants to go to the temple really bad so we're going to work on that with her, though we learned the other day (fail as a missionary) that she's not married. Don't worry we're working on resolving that issue. As soon as we told her that it was a commandment and that to go to the temple she has to be married she automatically accepted it and said she'll talk to her husband. Man, everyone needs to have her kind of faith. We could tell her God wanted to pack up her stuff and move to New York and she'd do it. Don't worry, we're not going to tell her that. =) We need her kind of faith and strength here in Encanto.

We went hiking today. For the first time on my whole mission. 5 miles. Steep. Hot. We started at 85 (5:30 in the morning) and ended at 102 (10:00) Long. And Fun. I actually kind of like hiking...even though it as just a bunch of red rock and dust. It was a last little informal hurrah with Pres and Sister Taylor before the switch to Tempe. We'll have a zone conference formal thing with them on the 28th. It was a little sad. At the top we sang some songs together talked about how it's a bginning and not an end and The taylors were just about sobbing. Man, I love them.

I learned something intense this week. Mostly on Sunday. Yep, love the santa cena. So I and many other people in the world we have this problem. We're okay with only being okay. We're okay with leaving someone else to solve the problem or clean up the mess. We're okay with passively living the gospel and letting the grandness of it pass us by.

THe other day I made a mess and I stopped to clean it up, we were in a little bit of a hurry and my companion says, "Let someone else take care of it." That made me think. (don't worry I fixed what I had messed up) "I'll just let someone else take care of it." "It's not my problem." "I'm busy right now, someone else will make sure Sis. So-and-so gets visited." I'm tired, and I've got homework to do, I'll just leave my prayer to later." Etc Etc Etc. I can't even tell you how many times I've said things like this. But this is what came into my head when Hna T said that: What if Jesus Christ before performing the Atonement said, "you know what? I'm tired. I've been tempted more than anyone can imagine, my closest friends have left me, I've done everything I can for these people and they want to kill me. I think I'll just let someone else take care it."

He could have, you know. He had the power. He could have done it. And then we'd all be doomed to become like the devil stuck as spirits, damned because we couldn't be resurrected. Not to mention the repentance and grace part of the Atonement as well.

"I'll just let someone else take care of it."

We can't just let someone else take care of it.

Someone was speaking in sacrament on Sunday. He was taling about when he went inactive and then reactivated. He said, "I wondered where my home teachers were. If they had been there, would I have gone inactive." Sis. So-and-so needs a visit NOW. She didn't come to church and it would be an answer to her prayer if someone just went over and said hello. Helped her with the dishes and gave her a hug. And she needs it NOW. And you are the person God wants to do it.

he doesn't need someone who's wishy washy. He doesn't need another member who just goes through the motions. He needs you. And He needs you now. He needs you to be a covenant keeper, to fulfill the covenant you made a baptism to mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in comfort. TZo serve Him with all your might mind and strength.

Yes, this is what was going through my head. I decided when I get home I will do my visiting teaching, always. I will fulfill my calling. I will sit next to that sister who's sitting by herself in Relief Society. I will be the member that sometimes I wish these members would be.

Then the thought came, "who are you kidding? If you don't start now on your mission while it's the easiest what makes you think you'll do it when you get home." I will start now. I will talk to people. Everyone. I will smile and I will say the words that Christ would say. I will not passively live the life of a mission. I can't. I won't.

He needs me to step it up and serve with all my might mind and strength. And I will do it.

Now this has taken way too long to explain, but I guess I wanted you all to see how important it is that we are not passive. Being mediocre is not okay. Christ was not mediocre and He doesn't need anymore mediocre members.

"I'll just let someone else take care of it." for me, is going to become: I will take care of it. What about you?

Love you all! Don't think I'm crazy or anything. Just really passionate about some things. =) The church is true.

Hna Scott

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