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Monday, March 18, 2013

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Well, we've had a lot to do these last couple of days and the week coming up is going to b equally busy. In the next week we get to go to the temple three times oncefor the sisters conference, once for the spanish easter pageant on the 23 and oncefor the time we're going to help host on the 28th (okay that's more than a week but you know...=) )

this computers space bar doesn't work very well just so you know.

Okay, so this week... I have talked more than I every have when teaching andmost of the time the people can understand me.=) I'verealized that I'm doing the same things to Hna C that my past companions have done to me that I've hated. I was just there andI remember what it was like, but still I do the things to her that my past companions did to me that just made it hard for me to progress. I would guess this is kind of like being a parent. You always say before you have kids oh I'm never goingto be like that with my kids I'mnot going to be like my parents that way or oh I'm never going to do that and when you become a parent you end up doing the same thing. =) Not that I'ma parent oranything and not that I'm dissing on my own parents or anything. =) I'mjust guessing. I always tell Hna C that I haven't been the sr comp before andso I'm goingto make mistakes and that I really do want her to tell me if I'mdoing something that iskeeping her fromprogressing if I'm not lettinghertalk if I said something that she doesn'tagree with. I frequently just look at her and say how did you feel about that. How could I have helped you more was there a moment when I just didn't stop talking and you wanted to say something etc. And then I ask two orthree times if she'sbeing honest with me. =) I think sometimes she gets tired of it.

We have a lot of really good investigators. Like really cool, really awesome full of potential investigators. But they never come to church. We've had zero people at church in the las three weeks. It's really a bummer. And I'mat a loss of what to do. How many times can you teach them about the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy and taking the sacrament? Or how many times can you call them in the morning to wake them up orstop by? But wehave three people on date. One of whom has a mental illness. But he'sso cool! and he really wants to change. He even called us at 7:30 on Sunday morning to tell us he was coming to church...but then his friend who was going to give him a ride didn't come.=(

I learned something really really cool the otherday. And maybe it was somehting you've thought about before but it was new to me.So we were at an awesome member's house one night at 8:45 because we can't go home until 9 and we didn't have any miles to drive to anyone else. She gave us ice cream. Yes, it is warm enough for ice cream and for the air conditioner to be on. Then her mom says to us "what do you tell people when they say that we all believe in the same God?" I thought for a little bit then told that we agree with them. That no matter what religion you are we all believe in the same God. Then she says, "this is what I say, no. No wedo not believe in the same God. You believe in a God who is unknown. You believe in other gods like the Virgin Mary. You believe in a God who is different now than he was in the past. We do not believe in the same God." Okay not word for word but you got the idea. =) And it was in Spanish so I don't remember exactly how it was said. And I waslike...MIND BLOWN!!!. No joke. So all during church yesterday I was pondering this little bit of wisdom she had shared with us and I realized it really is true. Oneof the first thing lost during La Gran Apostasia was the naturaleza de Dios. People do not understand who He is or what His proposito is. They think He lives in the heavens, which He does, but really He is as close as our prayers. They don't realize or fully comprhend that He is involved in every aspect of our lives. That He loves us as much as He loves the people in Moses' time and that's why we have a profeta today named Thomas S. Monson. It was a pretty legit musing session for me during church the other day. =) Don't worry I was paying attention to the talks...ok no I wasn't. =)

Love you all!! Have splendid week!!

PS last week I learned how to water color. Hna Z taught me. Soon I will finish my picture of the mesa temple.=)

Hna Scott

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