Going to the temple

Friday, March 1, 2013

Love is a super power. Use it

Man. Sometimes I feel like I can't get more tired or that things can't get more intense...and then they do. =) It's pretty intense man.

Okay, Ryan I can't believe you went to Bountiful temple!!! I love that temple oh so much. It's super duper pretty. Unfortunately I've never been inside inside, but I will for sure when I get home. =) And thank you for the pictures. It sounds like you all had a splendid time Saturday night. Know I was with you in spirit and one day Ryan, in two years and two weeks, we will sit in the Celestial Room together and I will hug you. And there ain't nothin' you can do about it. =)

This week we've been finding a lot of people by using the former investigator sheets, the teaching records of people who had been taught previoiusly and never got baptized. We always talk to the neighbors when they're outside and if the person has moved we contact the new person that lives in that house. It's pretty legit. So we've found 18 people in the last two weeks. Now we just have to move them from new investigators to people with a date who are progressing. Yep, there's always room for improvement. =)

We went bowling yesterday for our zone activity. It was pretty fun. But very worldy. I had just finally managed to no longer get worldy songs stuck in my head and then of course just about every song that they played at the bowling alley was one I had had on my ipod. =) A couple of Zumba songs too. Dancing and singing to worldy, it's a good thing there's repentance. =)

I have grown to hate Monday holidays. I'm sure you were all so excited that there was no school, but it also means the libraries AND the post office are closed. Which means no emails and no hand written letters. LAME. But I made it to Tuesday and recieved a whole bunch of emails from all of you. And a lovely letter from Melissa.

(MELISSA!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! Girl, I love you sooooooooo much!! Loved your letter and I WILL be writing you back next P tuesday. Love you girl. From the very bottomest of my heart.)

Okay, I apologize. I just couldn't contain myself. =)

So there's this one apartment complex in our area, and it's not one of the safest areas to be, but we have an investigator who lives there and a few old investigators as well so we go there often. And for some reason there's always this one apartment that we knock. I'm not sure why we knock it, but we do. And no one answers. Well, at least until yesterday. =) We knocked the door and this little old lady opens it and lets us in, because we're two women. We start talking to her and she tells us she's Christian and loves God all this stuff. Then she tells us that if we ever hit on hard times, if we can't pay the bills we are always welcome to come live with her. Ok, that may sound creepy, but it wasn't. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. Her house was so full of love and peace. It was so cool. God really does put us exactly where we need to be. =) I also understood everything that she said to us. I understood the whole conversation. =) WABAM. That's right. I, mas o menos, know Spanish. =)

Well, that is all my dear friends, until next tuesday (because it's transfer week).
Much love.
Hna Scott

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