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Friday, March 1, 2013

Jericho, Jericho!! And the walls came tumbling dow ow ow ow own!

Okay, so I have the best family ever.
It's just that simple. Scotts from Colorado, thank you so much!! One we've been driving around listening to the same two cds the last five weeks and I was just about ready to pull my hair out, two I love that song that MOTAB does about the wall of Jericho. I heard it in the MTC and immediately fell in love. How did you know? =) It was also really time for a new toothbrush. =) You all rock.

This week was good. It was slower but good. We started seeing Olivia again. I don't know if you remember her, but she's a lady I met when I first got here. We knocked on her door and she let us in even though I didn't make sense. We taught her for a while. She had two baptism dates two interviews, one of which she passed, and in the end she said she didn't want to get baptized because of Joseph Smith and his thirty three wives. It was sad, but we had to let her go. Well after a month Hna Garcia and I decded it was time to go back. So we've seen her about four times since we decided to go back. The last lesson with her was intense intense. Like REALLY actually intense. I'm not just saying it.

We went in with this scripture chain in mind to share with her. (my mind has just been connecting scriptures into these chains during my studies lately, I'm not really sure why) We went in wanting her to understand that the Book of Mormon in the key stone to our religion, that if the book is true, Joseph Smith was called as a prophe, meaning the church that he restored is the same one Jesus Christ established when He was on the earth. We also wanted her to understand that the Book of Mormon is centered on Christ and that everything in the book will lead one to do good. So it started with 2Ne 25:23,26. That the bofm was written by prophets so that we would know that they knew of Christ that they spoke of Christ rejoiced in Christ and knew they could look to Christ for a remission of their sins. That was the first scripture we read with her and explained a little bit about it. Then we read 2N 30:10. Which says if you believe in Christ you will believe in the words of the bofm because the book of mormon will always lead a man to do good. After that we read Joseph Smith words about the BofM, that a man would get closer to God by reading the BofM than any other book. And my goodness gracious, the Spirit was so strong. So strong. Then I bore down in pure testimony with power and authority. I can count on one hand how many times I've felt like that, that I've known God was speaking through me. And...well, it's intense. =) It's probably one of the coolest/scariest feelings ever. I can't even possibly describe it to you, as much as I would like to. Afterward I was shaking and super tired and super drained. I kind of felt like Lehi after he has that vision and it says that he caused him to tremble and he cast himself on his bed. Yeah well, that what I wanted to do. But we had another lesson. =) So we went on.

It's interesting because, well, after feeling like that, you want to feel like that all the time. Feel like you're teaching with that kind of power all the time. And it just made me think. Can one always have that kind of power when they talk? If they do, they can't have it because they want to, because they like the way it feels, because it has to be for the edifying of another. You can only have it if you are truly doing and saying exactly what the Lords wants. It's like how the mission will change you, but it won't change you if you're always thinking about how it will change you. Or about how we must develop the Character of Christ, but we can't develop it if we're always thinking about developing it because the character of Christ is looking outward when the natural man would look in. Okay now I'm confused and I'm sure you are too. I don't know. It's just a little something I've been thinking about lately. But in that moment, I know with my whole heart and soul I was saying what He wanted and that the Holy Ghost carried it to her heart, now she just has to chose to let it in her heart.

Oh and transfer news: I'm staying in Encanto once again and Hna Garcia is leaving. I can't seem to keep a companion for more than a transfer. =) Maybe God is trying to teach me something...something about how change is god and I shouldn't resist it. =) Who knows. =)

And I'm off
I hope you all have a splendid week until we meet again, next week.
Hna Scott

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