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Monday, February 11, 2013

He taught us how to live. He taught us how to die. He secured our salvation." - Pres Monson

Well, just about one of the coolest things happened this week.
Are you ready to hear what it is?
I don't know if you are, because it's pretty stinkin' awesome.
Maybe you should sit down. =)
Nah. Just playing.
So you remember Michal? The first person that I taught who made the decision to get baptized? Well, we had a lesson with him and I was told I needed to tell him to think about a mission, to pray about a mission. He told us it's something he had been thinking about a little bit. So he said a prayer at the end of the lesson asking if a mission is something he should do. It was a beautiful prayer. Then he came with us to our next appointment and bore powerful testimony of his conversion. How it was slow, but he received his answer when reading the BofM and praying became something he liked to do and was no longer a chore. He explained how the gospel has helped him realize the blessings he has in his life and has given him so many more. Man. The Spirit was so strong in the room. It was amazing. Then to top it all off, okay now you should be really really excited, he baptized Fernando, the nine year old we've been working with. It was so touching, so amazing to see Michal and Fernando standing in the font, seeing two men/boys that I've been blessed with the opportunity to teach to see their growth, in the font, one baptizing the other. Amazing. God is good.

Oh and I think Michal will serve a mission in 9 months. =) Not that I'm receiving revelation for him or anything.

Well, that's the coolest thing that's happened this week. Nothing else quite measures up. But some of the other small blessings are:
1. It's a lovely 50 degrees here today. The perfect temperature.
2. We were kept safe throughout the week.
3. We had success, according to our numbers and according to our obedience and all the other things that factor into exito (success)
4. My bed is super comfortable.
5. I'm in Jacob in my Spanish BofM
6. I have a family that loves me
7. There's a prophet who leads and guides this church. I know he's a prophet of God. I know God has chosen him to do this work.
8. We have General Conference. We can read it, we can watch it. And in a couple of months we'll be having another and I simply cannot wait.
9. Jesus Christ lived and died for me. For my sins. For every pain, sorrow, for every tear. He felt them too. He also has felt when I am happy. The joy I have felt in my life. And I testify that He lives. He died, but on the third day He rose again. The tomb is empty. And He lives.

Much love to all of you. I send each and every one of you a special hug.

Hna Scott

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