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Monday, March 18, 2013

Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things - Alma 26:12

And yet another week has gone by. We're already on week three of this transfer!!! Crazy sauce!! We have exchanges this Saturday, then we have Sisters Conference on the 21st (and we're doing a session at the temple in the morning!!! SO excited!!) then on the 27th Hna C Hna G Hna Z and I are all going to the Mesa Temple to help host for the Easter Pageant (again, so excited!), then after that we only have a week and a half until the end of the transfers. Yep the time is just flying by.

This week was pretty intense. We knocked door for 3 and a half hourse on Saturday and nobody let us in and only three people said we could come back. Two of which are single men. Have I mentioned the probably 70 percent of the people we're teaching are single men? which means we are not allowed to go in without a member, which is good because it forces us to get members to come out with us, but it also is hard because they all want us to meet with them in the middle of the day and most of the members work or take care of their kids during the day. Such is the life of a missionary. =) And have I mentioned that out of the three baptisms I've had they're all men.

So we have this one investigator, her name is Ameilia (one of the few women we're teaching, but we're also teaching her boyfirend and her brother) and she is adorable. Super nice, and she just wants to change really bad, but hasn't quite found the strength to do it. So we were teaching her the other day, and apparently, whenever I teach her I always stare at her more than everyone else. I've never noticed, but that's how she feels. And when we were teaching her just the other day she mentioned it, that even when I hardly talked while Hna G was my companion she said she felt like I would stare at her all the time and that she could see in my eyes that I see her as more than she is, that I see as how she can be, as something more. It was really a very cool experience for me, to have someone say that they could see that I saw them that way. IIt's a little hard to explain, but I've always had a connection with Amelia. And well, I love her very much. She'll get baptized eventually. Though because of certain circumstances it may be very hard for her. But we'll get her there. =)

Well, this is shorter than normal, but I've got to go. Love you all. Alma 26 is a lovely chapter. The church is true. I have a quote placemat that covers almost all of my desk as well as a quote notebook. I do love me some quotes.

Love Hna Scott

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