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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm a nut. I'm a nut. I'm a nut in a rut so what.

Well, I would like to introduce you to Hermana Scott the official senor companion.


And it's hard man.

I think the whole senior jr companion stuff is silly. Like I understand why, but shouldn't it be equal? You talk then I talk. You share a scritpture I clarify and testify. You take the lead on this door I take it on the next one. At least that's how I think it should work out, but I still have yet to see it. My companion is Hna Carter. She's cool and legit. She's just only been out here in AZ for three months. And I've been out for five. I know am the one who knows more Spanish, I'm now the one who has to handle all those awkward situations that all of my companions had been fine handling for me in the past. Yep, now I have to be responsible. =) It's been stressful. It's like God is saying okay that trial is over but now I'm going to to give you this one of a completely different type. But it's good training because well, we had twelve Hermanas this last transfer, we got 4 new spanish hermanas last Tuesday, one Hna is going home and we're getting 6 new hermanas this next transfer. So that means everyone but 2 hermanas will be training this next transfer. CRAZY!!! So I'm just training to be a trainer probably.

Cool fact if you haven't heard yet, two saturdays ago they announced 58 new missions in the world, 2 of which will be in Arizona!!! Yep, that's right! There's going to be a Scotsdale and another one that I can't remember the name of right now. They'll be opening in July after all the new mission presidents get trained. And the mission presidents that are in AZ right now the ones over the tuscon and mesa missions they all go home this July so Pres T is going to be the only mision president in AZ that isn't new. Crazy. The Lord is definitely hastening His work. We got 29 new missionaries this last transfer and we are getting 20 more (that we know about) in April. Woah. Did I mention that it's intense? =)

Okay, so a little more about Hna C. She's from Washington State. She wants to be a writer or a lawyer. She's the oldest of four. She studied at BYU-I before the mission. She really likes animals. And we're both going to have to learn together how to teach, since we're both so new. It'll be good for both of us. She has MS and she has to take this shot medicine every morning. If there's another lesion (sp) on her brain at the end of this month it means her medicine is not working and she may have to go home to get it all figured out. She really likes studying Revelations which is cool. I don't quite understand because I think it's depressing. Except for the last couple of chapters when it tells us about what the kindgom of God is going to be like. But she likes it and people often have questions about what it says in Revelations. Together we had the first, not awful comp inventory of my whole mission. Comp inventory: when you talk about successes and ways to improve problems your having etc etc. I never did it with Hna P or Hna F and I only did it once in the MTC. So our comp inventory together was really good. We talked about things we wanted to accomplish this transfer and we wrote them up on the big huge white boad we have. It was cool legit and a nice change.

Well, that's about it. Questions comments concerns? If so please address them to Hna Scott 475 N 43rd Ave #104 Phoeniz AZ 85009. =)

You have a splendid week and remember the church is true and that God loves you!
Hna Scott

Mat 5:48 --> D&C 67:13 This is what I learned today in personal study today.

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  1. Sister Jess - its our GILBERT mission thank you. And comp inventory is one of the most important skills to take from your mission. Its a powerful tool for creating a strong happy marriage. Please work on it ok? Love you Sister Scott from the Tempe soon to be Gilbert Mission