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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Well, if I get fat here at least it will be from food I actually enjoy eating. =)

Hey y'all hey!
This letter is being written from a little library about a ten minture drvie from our apartment. It's really big and echo-y. But esta bien.

=) At least we have a place to write from.

 Um, we live in an apartment with two other sisters. Hermana G one of my roomies from the MTC and Hermana W. I really like Hermana G. She's pretty cool and Hermana W is pretty cool too. The apartment is nice. We have a washer and a dryer in it so we don't have to worry about going to a laundrymat. We have dish washer but we don't use it. We wash everything by hand. But we don't have that many dishes so it's pretty easy. The apartment isn't actually in our area but is very close. The ward I serve in has something like 426 members but only 100 of them usually show up for sacrament meeting. There are six missionaries that work in the ward. Elder M, from my district at the MTC is in my district here. He serves in the same ward and lives in the same apartment complex.

Hermana P is pretty epic. I really mean it when I say I'm one lucky Hermana. =) She insists that she's not training me. She's just helping me. She had an awful experience with her trianer and she almost told Pres Taylor right before the "get your new companion meeting that she couldn't train me. She's pretty darn legit at Spanish and she knows every single member by name their conversion story and all their kids where they work etc. It's amazing. Granted she has been in this area for her whole mission so far (8 months) But oh my heavens she has so much love for those she teaches. It's amazing. Her family never writes her so really, Josh if you want to write her a whole letter that'd be way cool. Oh and you can send me real letters. I would like that a lot. And packages, if you send any should probably be sent to the mission home. Letters can be sent here, but I'm not sure if I would ever see the package if it was sent to the apartement.

The food. Ok well I've only eaten with one member so far, and it was a huge party thing so it was just sub sandwiches but they had this delicious drink called jamica. It's made some how from this flower and suger and my goodness it's wonderful. So imagine this: we're at a party with the ward celebrating a little boy's birthday. Its about 8:30 (we're there because the relief society pres asked us to be. They want the missionaries to know the ward better) The sun is setting and the sky here is beautiful. It's hot, but not too hot. Your clothes are only sort of sticking to your body. you're surrounded by all these wonderful people drinking jamica eating a sandwhich everyone's talking in Spanish and there's a blow up slide thing off to the side for the kids. Basically, it was a hispanic type party and it was wonderful. Never in a million years did I guess I would be doing something like this. Ah man. I can't even exploain it properly and for that I apologize.

The ward here is really great. They all make fun of me a little bit for my lack of Spanish skills, but esta bien. They won't in a few months when I've conqured (I really can spell) the language. Hermana P says that's when people will respect me. Because I'm white they don't pay attention to me that much but once I can speak the language really well I will have earned their respect. So pray for me. =) I sure need it. A lot of people speak at least a little English espeially the kids. The members are always so willing to go out and teach with us which is really good. A lot of our investigators have been investigating for months now. They've been taught all the lessons and now we're just waiting on them to act. They have baptisimal dates. We have a lot of investigators at the moment so most of our time is speant teaching them. We have done a little bit of contacting where we found two people who wanted us to come back. We do what's called a door approach. Since a lot of people here are Catholic we offer to bless their home them ask them if we can come back another time. It's legit.

We have one investigator Vero and her son who have recieved all the lessons. She's been extended a date but she has onlly come to church once so she can't be baptized. We ate at her house the other day and had these delicous hot dog thing wrapped in bacon. I forget what they're called but they're delicious. =) I also tried my first Jalepeno that night. Oh my heavens. it was just a slice and I even took out all the seeds and I still almost died. =) But it was good and went well with the hot dog thing. We also had this drink called Mazanita it's a kind of soda and is also very yummy. So like I said, if I get fat here at least it will be from food I like. =)

I did not get the bike yet. I forgot about it on transfer day because there was so much going on and no one told me I was supposed to get it then. I called Elder Rogers, the elder you spoke to and he said he'd get back to me about where it is and how to get it. So it's a good thing we have a car. =) Yep, we have a car and it's very nice. AND are you ready for this? I'm the designated driver. yep, I drive us around Phoenix not knowing where anything is. Though now I have finally figured out which way is north and sout etc. And I know the way to the chapel from our apartment. I'm learning.

I had a very interesting experience while finding the other day, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to tell it. No worries, nothing bad, just interesting. God works in mysterious ways is all. =) Anyway I think it's time to get off now. Sorry there's not anything super spiritual or uplifting this time around. I'm still getting into the hang of things around here. Oh and they don't teach you nothin' in the MTC. It's ain't anything like what it's like to be here.

Get me Ryan's email por favor

much love

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