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Monday, October 1, 2012

Have I told you lately...

Okay, this letter is going to take the "Have I told you lately..." letter form. I got it from KT. (love ya) And just to shake things up I'm going to do it with you all =)

Have I told you lately...

1. That I love you.
And yes, please start humming the song. =)
Being here, in a place where a lot of people don't have a lot, where dads don't always love the moms and the moms don't always love the dads, where most people didn't graduate from high school, where most women became mothers between the ages of 15-18, it's made me realize a lot of things that I was blessed with that I never really thought about before.

2. Papa Scott, have I told you lately that I am so thankful that you love mom? There's an awesome mormon message about how to raise your daughters. You should look it up and it's all about loving their mother. It's great. A lot of the mothers here are single. Left to raise their kids alone. And it makes me feel so thankful that I have a mom and a dad and that you love each other.

3. Mom, Have I told you lately that I'm thankful for all the values you taught me growing up? I'm so thankful I was taught about God and about values at a young age that the things we should and shouldn't do in this life aren't hard for me because I started learning them at a young age. Thank you.

4. Have I told you Josh, man buddy I miss you!! I would love a big huge hug from my brother Joshua right now. There are a lot of ten year old boys around here. There's one that acts a lot like you. His name is Benji. He's awesome. His whole family except him and his mom are baptized. We're going to start working with him this next week. I taught our hand shake to some kids we are teaching. I hope you don't mind. Now I will think of you every time I do it. Love ya dude!

5. Have I told you that being in Arizona is just about the best thing ever. Yeah, it's like a 14 hour drive from our house, yeah it's hot, yeah there's lots of red dirt everywhere, yeah it's not somewhere across the world somewhere exotic, but it's where I'm supposed to be. It's exactly where I'm supposed to be. Right here in Phoenix, working with these wonderful people. Working with this amazing culture and language.

6. Have I told you that all the women here kiss you on the cheek when they see you? It was a little odd at first, but now I love it. So when I come homw and just go arond kissing everybody on the cheek don't think I'm too odd okay? =)

7. Have I told you lately that I love these people. I'm so glad I get to serve them. There are times, when we're going a little slower, when we're eating dinner with a member, when a little girl a member of a recent convert famly comes up to me and whispers in my ear that I'm pretty, when we're dring home from a cita (appointment) and the people have just shared their doubts their life story (you ask these people how they are and they WILL tell you. Don't ask if you really don't want to know. =) ) and I'm just overcome with love for them. The desire to make everything all better for them. My heart aches to hear of their trials past and present. I really wish I could make everything all better. But I can't. Sometimes it's overwhelming...okay, a lot of times it's overwhelming. I come home from citas and just throw myself on my bed, having to recover from what just happened. I am a missionary a representative of Christ and I am here to help them find Him. And that's the best kind of help they can get at the moment.

8. I know Pres Taylor told you that Hna P is awesome. But I want to tell you that she really is. She accepts me for who I am. After nine weeks of not being able to be myself, of feeling friendless and alone, of feeling more judged than I ever have in my whole life, I am finally able to be who I am again. It is the most bestest feeling in the world. She says I need to grow some balls (yes she actually said that, but in Spanish =)) and learn to be myself no matter what, that I shouldn't change or apologize for who I am no matter what. And she's right completely right. It's something I really do need to work on. She is dedicated to this work. So much so that's it's literally hurting her. She gets sick at night and just throws up for hours. Please pray for her. And really, she hasn't heard from her family the whole time she's been out here. (8 months) Her mom is blind and both her parents are inactive. So if you have a moment, when you write me a letter send a little something to her.

9. False alarm. I have to tell you now. False alarm. You really can send stuff to the apartment. They have these cool secret storage areas for packages that they put a key in your mail box so you can get your package. Which leads me too....

10. Eric and LeRoy, have I told you that you're the bestest aunt and uncle ever? =) On the Hill side at least. =) no, but really, thank you. You both are awesome and I really appriciate the cookies. Hna P says that you're both bosses. =)

11. Grandpa, have I told you lately... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! feliz cumplianos (I think that's how it is in Spanish. That's not exactly something they cover in the MTC =) I hope it's simply splendid!!

12. Have I told you lately that (somebody get this message to Adam and
Mitchell) congrats you two!! This really will be that best thing ever in your lives. I'm a newbie here, but I have already seen myself grow in so many ways!! Somebody fill me in on when they're leaving and how Paoola and Wendy are feeling about this news. =)

13. Have I told you that I'm not counting down the days until I leave, but I am super excited to see all of you again. I'm super sentimental. I try to pretend I'm not, but it's the truth. So being away from everybody that I know like this is harder than I thought it would be. You've all been great influences on my life. I love you all. Remember the church is true. Go to General Conference with a question and it will be answered. (Steph. you should go to. Or watch it online. Love ya girl. Have you still not gotten my letter?)

Much love, Hermana Jessica Scott


  1. Sister Jessica - I'm so glad I was able to read this and hear how you're doing! I've been meaning to write you about all that's been going on and needed an address and now my prayers are answered. (I know...all I needed to do was ask. ;) And apparently, because of the tears in my eyes, I needed a little Jess Love today. :) I loved all your "Have I told you lately..." posts. It's amazing to see how much you've grown already through your experiences! And I'm so glad that Hna P is there for you and watching out for you. The Lord knows who and what each of us needs, doesn't He? Well, this week was a busy week...Adam got his Mission Call to Baltimore, MD and leave on January 16th. We're excited 'cause it's right next to my sister Heidi (very inactive right now), and it's the mission Mark's youngest brother went to years ago, and I think we're related to the mission president (he's a Richards - my maiden name) - have yet to check on that for sure. And Sarah officially got engaged on Friday! Yeah!! The date is set for December 7th and believe me that's not a lot of time! ;) But we're all so happy for her! I love you my dear Friend!! You're in my thoughts and prayers constantly. As Sarah would always sign off - "The Church is true!" Love - Wendy

  2. Can I just say what a beautiful lady you are turning into? It is absolutely astonishing that this is the Jessica that I was a YW leader to. ;) I can only hope my children can progress like you have. I felt the spirit very strongly when I read this letter. I know you are making your Father in Heaven happy. Yes, Mitchell got his mission call to Sao Paulo, Brazil and leaves for the Brazilian MTC on Feb 27th. He will finish his semester at BYU in December and then be home for a couple of months. Crazy! As a mom, I'm having a hard time wanting my boy to be so far away. It's going to test my faith as much as Mitchell's, but I know it is right. The gospel is true so nothing else matters. Jess, I am so proud of you and what you are doing. Stay strong! Love you chicka!

  3. Oh my goodness how sweet you are Sister Jessica... Chris send us the address pl ease... We have some Mesa friends who need to meet you. Maybe you can meet them at the temple lights. Hurrah for Israel! Love the Arizona Scotts