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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

77 Degrees and Freezing!

Oh man. A whole other week has gone by. It's crazy how fast it all goes! But at the same time while you're riding your bike down the street with you knees together so your skirt doesn't fly up and you're sweating buckets off your back it seems like it's going slow. But then you get home at night and wonder where all the time went.
We did exchanges the other day. I had to go up north...English speaking. Bleh. And it was the day we planned to teach Olivia the first vision and invite her to be baptized. I was super bummed. But oh well. The sister who came down here and took my place is a wonderful lady, in fact you know her. Dennis told me she was here but I didn't believe him, you know since he's old and suff I figured he was confused. =) But he wasn't. Lori from the soccer team is down here teaching the English speakers in Deer Valley about the gospel. It's pretty legit. =) Her area is completely a biking area so I had to ride a bike around all day. Never before has my butt hurt so much in one day. It was cool to get to know some of the people they are working with and to realize that God loves the English speakers as much as the Spanish ones. =) I met a man who's part of a band. We talked music for a few minutes and I loved it. He gave me some advice on how to keep practicing the clarinet even though I don't actually hae one and told me how I can make it easier to play bar chords on the guitar when I get back. All in all a good time except I've been sick since. I think I got dehydrated and have been slowly recovering since then. 
So a while ago we went to a Noche de Hogar ( family home evening, but when translated directly it means night of home) The ward does a big NdH almost every monday and there's always legit food afterward. =) Anyway, this night we had to ride our bikes since....well our car got towed. It wasn't my fault. But it got towed so we had to ride our bikes and I was upset and tired. The bike I was using is crap and is an automatic gear changer. Then we almost got attacked by a dog and then I couldn't understand any Spanish when we got there. Sommetimes your brain just turns off and won't concentrate enough to hear process and understand the Spanish words. As we were leaving Hna Da Bomb (aka the relief society pres) and Hna Lapez started talking to me and I didn't understand any of it. So given all the things that had happened that day I just burst into tears, right there in front of them said disculpeme (forgive me) and left. Don't worry this story has a happy ending. Like a week and a half later Hna Da Bomb went with us to teach this wonderful lady Danielle. During the lesson Hna Da Bomb started talking about certain feelings that we have sometimes that are not of God and are of the devil. One of these feelings is dispair. Then she turns to me and says if the Hna Scott starts feelings dispair because she doesn't understand Spanish as well as she'd like this is a feeling of the devil and she shouldn't listen to him. La Hna Scott is learning Spanish at the pace that is just right for her. Oh my heavens. I almost just burst into tears again. Hna Da Bomb is amazing. She's one of my favorite people out here.
Anyway, after this lesson we walked outside and it's like 9:15 and it's freezing outside!! All three of us were shivering, but we had to talk real fast about setting up dinner with Michal for the next week. It's freezing cold and then we get in the car and I see that it's 77 degrees!! That's not cold. What in the world was thinking!!  This Arizona weather is already getting to me and I've only been hear a month!!
The work continues, so much so that we have to go on splits the next couple of days. The church rocks. Watch conference.

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