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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hey y'all. Just sitting in the library writing an email. Nothing really new. How about you? I heard mom ran in the race in ST. George. How'd you do? Dad said you've been injured. What happened? Did you run the Top of Utah Marathon? My teacher from the MTC did. The next time he came to class he couldn't even move. His time was way good, at least that's what I thought. He wasn't ahppy with it. Did you stop by the St. George temple while you were down there? My goodness, I love that temple. And one day in like two years give or take a couple months I will drive drown there and do a session there. The baptistry was so beautiful. I can only imagine how gorgeous the others areas would be.
What'dyou guys think of the announcement in Gerneral Conference? I wasn't even expecting it at all. But in my defense the MTC and beng here we are shielded from any kind of news/rumors about things like that. You going to start your papers then Ryan? I was so excited for you when I heard that. Will you finish the whole year or go after the semester? Work on them with your singles ward bishop in Logan or with Bishop Darger? You'd better write me back. =)
Joshua, man. I haven't heard from you in like two weeks! Dude! How've you been man? Arizonais hot. And there are scorpions here. I still haven't seen any. But there was one in the church and one of the members squished it. And then there was one outside our appartment, but they killed it before I could see it. Then another day Hnas W and G said that they saw a one of those big hairy spiders that some people keep as pets and I can't remeber what's it's called right now outside our apartment but he ran away too fast to kill him or get a picture. But don't worry mom they sprayed poison stuff through all the apartments a few days after that so he's probab;y dead now.
Well, I figured I should fill you all in on a few things. We have so much work to do here in the Encanto ward. For the passed couple transfers the Encanto area and the Cielito area for the sisters have been combined. But with this last transfer and 24 new missionaries in the mission they were able to divide up the areas again. So basically the work is booming. We're just about always booked with appointments. We've only had time to go finding a couple of times and those times were very profitable. There's one lady, for the sake of  the story we will call her Olivia. Anyway we were knocking doors on her street doing Windows of Heaven ( where you pray about a street to go to the night before and then knock all the doors) Hna P kept telling me I had to take the lead but I always got so nervous that I never did. Until we got to her door. When she opened it I managed to blaber out, "Somos representates de Jesucristo. Tenemos pasar?" Whish means we are representatives of Jesus Christ. Have we come in? I told botched it. What I said didn't make sense. At all. But Olivia still let us in. We sat down with her and talk about faith and Jesus Christ asked if we could come back and she said yes. YES! We've taught her threeish time now. Including a church tour and giving her son, Eric a blessing because he was sick. She came to church all three hours the first sunday we asked her to AND she came to a session of general conference. Eric, her son, was super bored during it so we told him to tak notes and write down any questions he had and he did it, lik seven little post it notes full. By the way, Eric is 11! =) So that Olivia and Eric. They're both bosses. We still haven't been able to invite them to be baptized because one of the apointments fell through but we've repented and will invite them both the next time we see them.
Oh one other day when one of our appointments fell through we went and knocked on this door that was a referal but all the other times no one had been home. A woman around 28 answered. Her name is Cynthia. She is probably somewhere between 25-28 years of age and has 5 kids oldest is 10 youngest a couple of months. Oh my heavens they were so excited her oldest daughter just drunk everything in that we said as did Cynthia. She said previously she and her husband had been going to the LDS church in MEsa and the missionaries had been coming but then they moved. And we had founf them again! Yayhoo.! We challenged them to be baptized that first night and they said yes. We set another appointment and left. The appointment time came and no one was there. So this last week we managed to sstop by again. They moved. This wonderful little family so prepared had moved! I was devistated. As I walked back to the car, I thought to myself, "they're lost again. We lost them." And immidiately I voice in my head whispered, "They are not lost to me. I know exactly where they are." He knows where they are and someone will find them. He will direct a member or some missioonaries to knock omn their door again.
One more story, just last night actually. We walked by these group of men on their porch drinking PEPSI =) and they asked us what we were doning and hna P explained (in Spanish) They told her her Spanish is very good and one of them pointed at me saying "hablas espanol tembien?" And guess what!! I understood!! I don't know what the deal is but when people talk directly to me I can never untderstand. Even when it's something as simple as De donde es? whish means where are you from. But I understood!! Right away and I didn't even have to think about it!! WABAM!! And then...yes it gets better...Without even thinking I say. Un poco estoy aprendiendo. Which means a little. I'm learning. Without thinking!! WABAAAAAM!! It was so exciting. =) I didn't realize it right after it had happened, but last night while I was praying it was pointed out to me. Anyway, that is all. 
I love you all very much. 
Hna Scott 

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