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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Take my heart, take and seal it. Seal it for your courts above.

Letter written on Sept. 15th
Oh my heavens. Have any of you realized that I will be taking my first plan ride in my whole life in three days. CRAZY!!! Everybody makes fun of me because I've never been on one before and all the elders keep telling me all these horror stories sobre plane rides and all the bad cosas that can happen. I just shake my head and laugh.
So since this is the last letter from the MTC, I figured I would provide you with a list.
First list: Things I have learned about myself
1. I love being out doors. I didn't even realize this about myself until I got here and never got to be outside. Even when you are outside there are these over hang things over you almost everywhere you walk so you can't even see the sky then. I miss walking back from class in Logan and standing at the top of the stairs right next to the Spectrum. It's a perfect view of the whole valley and if you get there when the sun's setting it's even better. Ryan, or anyone else up in Logan, will you stop at that spot for me and just take in the beauty of Cache Valley? =)
2. I have been blessed with some very just completely awesome Spiritual gifts. =) Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to brag or anything. God has blessed me with them because I have asked or because I could use them to help others. It's been amazing to see and notice them in myself. Things that I didn't even know I had until I got here. Or ones that I've developed since I got here. We read over them in class the other day, or at least the list Moroni gives and the Brinny sent me a quote with some more listed and suddenly I was seeing them everywhere.
3. I really can do hard things. Well, let me rephrase that. With the help of God I can do ALL things. No matter how hard they seem. When it all seems impossible, when there is no hope, when I have felt more alone forgotten and full of anguish than I ever have before all I had to do was remember my Savior Jesus Christ and it didn't seem so bad any more.
Second list: Things I will miss about the MTC
1. The milk
2. The excercise time. I did my last 20 laps around the track (two miles)  push ups (I can do thirty now) situps (90) and arm circley things today and it was a little sad.
3. The milk
4. The firesides and devotionals. Isn't it awesome that we get the chance to listen to real living apostles all the time?!? I love it!
5. The milk.
6. The people. My branch presidency is awesome. Basically. The end. Their wives are AWESOME!!! Oh my heavens! One day they'll all bemy neighnors in heaven. And believe it or not, I will miss the elders. =) They've all grown on me quite a bit. And they've all grown quite a bit. =) I wish I could be there to see every single one of the continue to grow
7. The milk.
8. Going to the temple once a week. Oh man. How I love it there.
9. The milk
Thrid list: Things I am excited for
1. I am excited to be able to spend time outside. In a couple of months when it's not super hot outside. =) Though Elder M's brother, who lives in Glendale by the misssion home says it's been quite cool there recently, only 105 degrees. =)
2. To have toilet paper dispensers that you don't have to constantly fight with in order to get more than one tiny sheet out. This is such a pain. AND all the rolls come out the wrng way.
3. To speak with some native Spanish speakers. Actually this thought scares me a whole ton pero I have to leaarn sooner rather than later. I did work with an elde from Phoenix who is is a Spanish branch down there during our in field orientation and we did the exersices is Spanish. I understood just about all that he said.
4. To get out there and teach some people. To really do this. To love those I serve to see them come close to God. To be an instrument in His hands, helping others repent, use the Atonement and go to the temple. Ah! I am so excited!!!!! =)
Okay, almost out of time.
Ryan, I don't care how many dates you go on, you always have time to write the coolest girl in your life right now, you older sister. =) After your mission one of them can be more important than me, but right now they're not.  =) Be home by midnight. I'm not joking. I am very serious right now. Go to church. Go to all your classes INCLUDING institute. Read pray and read and pray some more. And yes, I will continue to embarrass you in front of whomever happens to read these emails until I get a real letter from you. =)
Josh I hope you're well. I'm sending you a HUGE air hug right now!!!
Sarah, I still haven't seen these pictures. And I wrote you today so just be aware. =)
Jason havve you been practicing you trumpet?
Mom, Papa Scott HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ... yesterday. =) Love you both!!

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