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Friday, September 7, 2012

Please meet me @ right now in room 290 - Batman

Well, this week has been pretty eventful and different and pretty much muy enjoyable.
Sarah still waiting for those pictures. Just sayin
Ryan I may have misplaced the letter with you email in it...will you send it to me again, please?
Jason, enjoying school? Made any new frieds?
Dad, Mr Smiles has not turned out. I won't lie, he doesn't look like a smiley at all.
Mom, how's school? Classes going okay?
There were a lot of different things that happened this week, which was super nice.
First....drum roll please...............bdbdbdbdbdbdbd. WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!!!!!! Yippy!! The end of this wonderfully spiritual place is within sight!!! We have to be at the travel office at the A.M. Our flight is at 8:35 and we are supposed to arrive in Arizona at 9:19. YAYHOO!!! It could be worse, I could be like Elder V and have to be at the travel office at 3am going to Canada. =) It was not a happy day for all of us though. Poor Elder H is the only one who did not recieve his travel plans. And Elder S and F made fun of him for it all night long. They even pretended that they went back to the mailbox and found his and gave him fake travel plans. Elder H had a rough day. But he's a ginger so that makes up for it. =)
Second, some Hermans on our floor invited us to play soccer with them duriing gym time. So we did. It was SOOOOO MUCH STINKIN' FUN!!! I have not played soccer in AGES!! My team won, even though we don't keep score here in the MTC. =) I definitely want to do intermurals when I get back. Not that I'm thinking about that a lot, but I have made a mental note that hopefully I will remember when it comes times to go back to school. Soccer rocks. Nuff said.
Third we hosted like I said last week. It was super fun. I took one sister around. She was super cute and she was going to New York. Legit right there. =) We get to do it again next week! I'm so glad, though it does mean we miss gym and part of personal study that day.
Fourth This last Tuesday durning choir before the devotional they were doing all the security stuff they did when Elder Andersen came so we were convinced it was going to be another apostle. Sadly it wasn't, pero it was a memeber of the Seventy who was from Germany. It was legit. They just moved to Utah and his wife told us how she loves to drive on the highways and one day she got pulled over for going too fast. She was so smiley and happy, so confident even though her English wasn't perfect. She was adorable. I learned a lot from her in regard to just being happy and not worrying too much about the language. Her husband who for the life of me I can't remember their last names right now, gave a really good talk about how we must have a testimony of every thing we teach our investigators. That is how Alma and the sons of Mosiah were able to be such good missionaries. They had truly experienced repentance so they could teach about it. It was cool.
Fifth An elder in one of the younger districts, Elder A, is someone who not a lot of people really like. He's still young, just out of highschool, just a 19 year old boy. Anyway, people get annoyed with him and judge him a lot. When he first came I talked to him a lot, mostly because even if I asked another elder in his district a question Elder A would answer. But I thought he was nice and he was struggling a little bit with being here at first, I mean honestly who doesn't? So I talked to him always smiled at him and asked him how he was doing etc. So the other day, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, just wishing for the day I can get out of here, etc when in the lunch room Elder A comes up to me and says, "Hermana you are always so feliz (happy). It makes me felic to see you so feliz all the time." Oh my heavens I wanted to hug the kid...ahem excuse me. The elder. Pero I am a missionary. So I just busted out in the biggest smile I could muster and said thank you. It's interesting to me, that when you make the effort to talk to someone who looks sad or who needs a friend, you think at the time that you're helping them, that they're the lucky one because you listened to that small prompting from the Holy Ghost, that you did this great deed. But then later on you see that you've been blessed. That you are actually the one who's lucky, not the person who you talked to. It's the same with my friend Hermana H. I had seen her crying in the bathroom one day and I decided the next time I saw her I was going to go talk to her. So at gym the next day I did. Yeah, sure it may ave helped her that day, but a week later when I just needed someone there to hug me while I cried there was Hermana H, just hugging me. And she is a pretty darn good hugger. Pretty sure I am more blessed to have her as a friend than she is to have me as a friend.
And the last, which is for sure the best one, I got a note from Batman yesterday. As shown above. I just got back to class and there's this paper with Batman's symbol on it. On the other side he asked me to meet him. Pero I am a missionary, I can't meet a man, no matter how awesome he may be so I didn't go. But hey it's the thought that counts. =) Anyway, whoever did it sure gave me a nice long chuckle. =)
Anyway love you all!! The church rocks.

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