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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nobody cares what you know until they know that you care

Hola familia! How was the first week of school? Fun? Exciting? Make any new friends? Tell me all about it. =)

Sarah. Pictures. ASAP. Need I say more?

Ryan, I'm sorry this isn't sent to your email. I forgot to write it down before heading to the computer lab. Will you ever forgive me?

Joshua, did you like your first week of school? Do you have anymore songs for me? They are always so fun to read and they make me laugh a lot. *knuckles*

Jason, you never said which classes you're taking. You must tell me. =) Or I will smash you/it with a hammer. (10 points to whomever can name that movie. Two hints: Disney. Epic)

Well, today I have two requests for you all. Maybe you could do it for FHE or something. It's super good. Please watch the movie Hubble teliscope deep space in 3D on Youtue (do not fear. Our teacher showed it to us so we weren't breaking any rules.) Then talk/think about it a lot. How did it make you feel? What did you learn about how significant you are in the universe. And I mean REEALLY think and talk about it. Then watch the Josph millett story, also availiable on YouTube. What does that movie teach you? What does it tell you about how significant you are in this universe? What does it tell you about how God feels about YOU as a person as His child? How well does He know you? Then if you so desire please tell me about what you learned. =) I learned a lot about it and then we can compare notes and just be happy. =)

We got new neighbors this week. And the great news is that we will leave before they do!! AHH! It's so exciting. We've gone through two sets of neighbors since arriving here. (yes, we're just that noisy at night they all leave ;) ) No, they've all be English speakers so they come then they go. This time we have some visitor center missionaries which means they're here for four weeks and then on the other side we have Tagolog/ however you spell that word. I can't even say it right let alone spell it. So we leave before them. It's so exciting! Come Tuesday we only have two more weeks here! EEP!! Oh my heavens, I am so excited. Role playing is great and can be really close to the real thing but everybody involved has to take it seriously. Sometimes even the teachers really struggle with that. I'm also exicted for different food. And a sort of different schedule. I feel like Jack in that one episode of SG1 when he keeps repeating the same day over and over and over again. Some days he enjoyed and tried something new and exciting. He had the opportunity to learn many more things than he would have in any other situation but there came a time when he was ready to use the knowledge he had attained to get himself out of the mess. I am in no way saying I am all knowing and am completely fluent in Spanish. I have two more weeks left and I'm grateful for them pero (but) I want to give all this stuff I've been learning a try out in the real world. Hopefully that makes sense. =) And for Sarah and Josh and the rest of you who haven't seen the episode, I apologize. I am a sifi nerd through and through. And proud of it. =)

We got a new teacher this week. Hermano T and Hermano C couldn't make their school schedules work together so we did a teacher swap with the next door neighbors. So Hermano T left. Our new teacher Hermano M is great. He's married and has been back from his mish for 2 and half years and has a one year old daughter. He has a certain level of maturity that we all need. Pur investigator, Matias has also left. It's sad because we got him to commit, sort of, to baptism and we were working on the Word of Wisdom with him, but alas we teach him no more. We have a new investigator named Andres. We have only taught him once, pero I see much potential in him. We just need to figure out how to help him see how the gospel can help him in his life.

We found out yesterday that we're hosting!!! I'm stoked. Hosting is being one of the missionaries that greets all of the new incoming missionaries. The elders pick everyone up at their cars then bring the sisters to u. We then take them to their bedroom, then to get their tags and everything, then to the classrooms. I'm stoked. I said that already but I don't know if you fully understand my enthusiasm. =) One, it's a change of schedule. It's something we've never done before and, two, it's gonna be fun!! Hello!

Steph, I just couldn't wait the whole week or so it would take for your letter to get to you so I'm telling you now. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! That's the best news basically EVER! At least in the Trek world. =)  Long live Janeway and long live the love between J and C!!!! Oh my goodness. I may have actually squealed out loud in front of my whole district when I read your letter. They already think I'm a weirdy, so it's all good. =) Oh I am so happy!!!

Love you all lots and lots. Never forget that you are a child of a loving Heavenly Father. Everything He does is for us, so we may become more like Him, so we can return to Him. Even when it's hard it's for you to become better. Love you all. The church rocks.


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