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Monday, August 27, 2012

Be careful what you pray for 'cause you just may get it

Well hello there! Fancy seeing you here at this weekly letter time. =) you'd like to know know what my schedule is like? That's a fair question. I get up at 6:30 everyday. It's great. Nobody else has an alarm which means it's basically my job to make sure we all get up ontime. Which is good since that means I actually do get up. We have gym everyday. It's either right after breakfast or right after lunch. Which, by the way is not condusive (sp?) to working out in the slightest bit. When we have gym in the morning we have sack breakfast so we don't have to get dressed in chuch clothes then go change again into our gym clothes. At gym I run at least a mile. Yes, I can run a mile. Not very fast mind you, but I can do it. Sometimes, depending on time I run a mile and a half or two miles. Then I do some sit ups and push ups then some of the weight machines. It's good. I'm enjoying running I won't lie. I'm sorta alone when I run since my companion stays on the bottom floor of the gym and play volleyball. And we're not allowed to have "running dates" so none of the elders can run with me. So that's great. I have made a new friend at gym though. She's also Spanish speaking but going to California. Sometimes after running a mile I just walk and talk with her. She's great. And she's worked so hard to get here. We got here on the same day and are leaving the same day. =) Okay, so meals are at 7:00 breakfast. Lunch 11:30. Dinner 4:30. By the time bedtime comes around I'm starving. =) On Thursdays we do service after gym. I usually get stuck cleaning the toilets because Hermana H doesn't want to. But it's fine. I don't mind. I'm cleaning toilets for Jesus. That makes it totally fine. =) Fridays are P days. We do laundry in the mornign and have temple time after lunch. I love the temple. Best thing EVER. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do when I get to Arizona and can't go once a week. Oh, well. I'll survive. Everday we have personal studytime at 10:30. It's only an hour long. I seriously could have three hours of study time and be able to fill it all up. On Tuesdays and Thursdasy there's choir. I love choir. It kinda sorta makes me feel like I'm back in band. I love music. I love participating in music and it is one of the things that I miss the most. Every Sunday they let us watch musci and the spoken word. Whenever I see the teachers that teach at USU and also play in the Orchestra at temple square I get a little sad. But then I sing in the choir. I get to bear my testimony to apostles! through song. Just about the best thing ever!!
Yep that's right apostles. And this week we acutally had one. A legit one of the top 15. Any guesses?
Holland? No. Apparent;y he came in June so we porabably won;t be seeing him.
What was that? Oaks? Nope.
Uchtdorf? No! Though he's one of the ones I'm rooting for. =)
Monson...? Well...sorta. =)
It was Elder Andersen. And since it was President Monson's birthday we sang to him (and it was just about the most beautiful renidtion of happy birthday I have ever heard.) Then the whole talk was about MOnson. About what he would say to us if he were there. It was pretty epic. Won't lie. They say we;re supposed to have one every three weeks which means we may get on more while we're here. YAY! I'm hoping for Uchtdorf or Bednar. But any of them will do great. 
We have six hours of class every day. (ugh so much sitting) Na hour of personl study. hour of language study. An hour of TALL time, the computer program to help you learn spanish. And sometimes additional study. SO that's basically my schedule. Or at least a general overview. Any question?
Good. =)
Mom, have you done anything with that Spanish BofM yet? How's that going for you?
Dad I cannot believe you didn't like Bednar that much back in the day. He's one of the first ones that I actually remember listening to his talk during conference. It was the one about taking offense. How it's always our choice to take offense. Sis. Jennings, the wife of one of the members of the branch presidency has met him and said that his hair is as stiff as it looks and that he's always worried about it and that he is as stiff as his hair. =) The elders and H. Taylor did the math the other day. Bednar is 12 years younger than the next apostles which are Uchtdorf and Holland at 72. So they've all decided Bednar will be prophet one day. =) Those elders...
Josh, dude. How's it going, man?! *knuckles*
So I really love the movies they let us watch on Sundays after the firesides. They're always great. This last Sunday we watched Holland's talk called missions are forever. Holland talks with such fondness about his mission. About how there may have been one or two days in his life where he hasn't thought about it, but other than that he thinks about it all the time about the lessons he learned and about the people he loved and taught. I want to be like Holland and have that kind of fondness for this adventure. THis adventure of a lifetime that will help me becoem more of the daughter of God that He would like to be. Holland also talked about how wjy missions are hard. They are. lready it's been the hardest thing I've ever done. But he said, Salvation isn't easy. It is not cheap. It was not easy for christ. HOW DARE YOU THINK IT SHOULD BE EASY FOR YOU!! That;s almost word for word. With all sorts of emotion and such ephasis on those words. Leave it to Holland to just tell ya how it is. So I want this mission to be one I look back on know it shaped me into the person I will be.
So after hearing that talk I prayed for it....
be careful what you pray for 'cause you just may get it.


  1. Are we allowed to comment? Anyway, cheers and thanks for sharing. Brings back lots of memories of the MTC. Hope you've gotten to sing "Ye Elders of Israel." We women never sing that so it was the first time I ever heard it at the MTC and wow... blew me away. Hope you get to hear from Sister Edmunds...

    Looking forward to September when we can look toward Phoenix and pretend we can see you riding your bike! :-) Still willing to help... Love Aunt Carol ps It's all true, every bit of it.

  2. Yeah, Carol. I love hearing from you and I'll forward your comments to her in my email. I'll let you know in the next week about the bike. I still need to call her mission to see if there's one we can snag. Love you!