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Sunday, August 12, 2012

All is Well...Could be Worse... =)

Okay so the subject is not a reflection of how I least most of the time. =) Apparentl in Russian, the hymn Come Come Ye Saints the line, "all is well," directly translates to "could be worse." I thought it was funny and seemed very Russianish. So I wanted to share it with you.
Anyway, thank you so much for the package. I loved everything in it. I am wearing the grey skirt today and already love it, even though it fits a little more snuggly than I wuold like. (I have cut back on the chaocolate milk so hopefully it won't get much worse.) The cookies are delicious and all the hermanas in my zone loved them. And now I am no longer freezing in the morning since I have another blanket and I don't wake up all itchy from the one provided by the MTC.
SO what I learned this week.
I have to keep studying Spanish. Even when I feel like I've got it down okay I need to keep studying Spanish faithfully. I took a day off of hardcore study and that night I could barely say anything with our investagator. It was so embarrassing and I'm sure it was frustrating for my companion. But yesterday, I diligently studied two chapters of grammer, understood them and did the assignments that went with them. Then that night when we met with a new investigator I could remember amlost all the words I needed. It was so cool. I could even remember the difference between hacer, poder, and deber. Which I usually get all sorts of confused.
I also had this awesome sauce experience while I was doing personal study yesterday. I was reading in Corinthians. One of the chapters at the beginning. (I'm reading the NT so I can better re;ate to Catholics and so I can say that I've read it and I really like it.) Anyway, the second verse said something about milk, and strong meat. I was curious as to what the symbolism/meaning to that was so I looked at the footnote which took me to another scripture. Milk is given to babies because they cannot bear meat yet. So as it said in one of the scriptures I found when you all called to teach you must drink milk not meat because that is what you'll be feeding people you teach. So the milkare the basics: faith repentance the anonement, baptism, etc. I have to start with those I have to have a testimony of them in order to teach about them to others. Then the last one I read was wahat REALLY related it to me. it was D&C 50:40-42. At this point I was super upset about my Spanish. The scripture explained that I have to learn by grace. I can't have all the knowledge of Spanish yet. I wouldn't beable to bear it all if I did. The L;ord says, fear not little child. For you aare one that the father gave me. And all that the father gives me will be saved. At least it went something like that. I will learn Spanish, line upon line precept upon precept. His grace will be suffiecent for me. As long as I do my part He will fill in the rest.
Oh man. This church is true. No doubt about that.
Oh and another thing, have you ever read Beware of Pride by Pres Benson? Well it's an awesome talk. Even though it's like God is hitting you over the head with a hammer saying, "you MUST be humble." Okay, not really like that cause He would never do that, but it deffinitely makes you realize your short comings. I honestly need to kepp this talk by my bed and read some of it every night. It talks about how pride is more than just thinking you're better than someone else. Pride is enmity toward God and your fellow man. Anytime you have bad feelings for another person you are being prideful. I am pretty sure I'm the most prideful person I know. But I am learning. I had a moment the other day when I absolutely no doubt about it felt a sliver of love that God feels for the elders in my district. I wanted them to succeed. I wanted them to remember that one Spanish word they couldn't remember. For a moment my whole heart was filled with love for them. It was pretty awesome. =) It's also happened with the hermanas. Hermana Macy was playing volleyball, like actually playing and she made a good hit over the net. One of the elders came and gave her a high five. The smile on her face in that moment was huge. And again I was so happy to see her succeed to see her that happy. She doesn't know I saw this exchange because I was upstairs running on the track and happened to run right by the spot so I could see her in that exact moment.
Oh man. The church is true.
The other hermanas in our zone are leaving on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. We're all super sad. We like them a lot. It turns out one of them went to high school with me and we graduated the same year. We know all of the same people, took almost the same kind of classes and we never met each other. Weird! They're all grown up and are heading into the mission field. It's so weird how much you come to love someone after only knowing them three weeks. All of our neighbors in the dorms left last week. Did you realize that if I was English speaking I would be out in the mission field right now?!? I loved our neighbors so much. We ate breakfast with someof them whenever we got sack breakfasts and the others were super nice and always gave us food. I miss them all dearly. But they're in a better place now. =) They'll be my neighbors in heaven. =)
Jason, I did not have a chance to write you today. You will be the first one I write next week. I really love your Dear Elders. They're long and very good. I'm so glad you had fun at scout camp.
Papa, Sarah, and Josh. You guys have letters headed your way.
OKay, so funny story. On tuesady there's a rumor going around that there's going to be an apostle speaking that night. Everyone is super excited. The whole district lines up outside the door to go in a hour before it starts. The security is a lot tighter than it had been the last couple of weeks. Hermana macy has to say the closing prayer so we're all a little jealous of her. Turns out it was another retired member of the 70. Baha! I found it amusing. =)
Love Hermana Scott

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