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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Let's Board the Super Bien Train/A Tree, a tree. We planted her a tree.

Oh, hey!
So I made a list of all the things I wanted to write about, but I left it in my room...oops. =) We'll se how this goes.
First, sorry familia that you thought I forgot about you last week. I readlly didn't. I just wanted to write you all back privately. Mi culpo. Lo siento. Joshua, on Sunday one of the wives of the branch presidency brought her grandson and he was about your age. The whole time I thought of you and really wanted a great Joshua hug. Are you ever going to write my companion? You said you would. She doesn't get very much mail and she really misses her dog Dogger. You should write her and tell her about Jemma. How is Jemma doing these days anyway? Sarah, I'm still upset you voed into my room the night I left. imean, really? =) I will try and write you all again today, but I may not have time. Why is it that P days seem to go by so much faster than every other day of the week?
So cool story/ fact: So do you know who Ken Jennings is? I didn't, but was quickly informed of this man's importance. He won tons of money on Jeopardy apparently. Well, his dad is the second counselor in the Branch presidency. Cool, huh! You can totally see how hw knows all those facts to win jeopardy. His parents know so many cool random things. Oh his mom is aweseom too. She has permanent smiling eyes that are clear blue and her hair is white. She so great and she always soys, "Seriously?!" whenever you tell her anything even remotely exciting.  LOVE her. And her husband. Well, he's an interesting character, but he's cool. Their relationship is awesome. They filrt in the middle of devotional reviews and hold hands. They finish each other's sentences and it's great. *sigh* One day in the far future.
The temple. We went to the temple last friday. It was so great. I had missed it so much. Provo temple may not be the prettiest on the outside, but the inside is gorgeous. Due to the circular shape, everything is circular on the inside. Even the chandeliers. (yes I can spell) We get to go again today, just like every P day. And I'm super stoked, but I am pretty sure I am going to fall asleep. We stayed up talking as a room last night. Clear until 11:30!! So late, I know! =) So we're all super tired today.
It's a small world, especially when you're LDS.
I ran into an Elder Hill on Wednesday, Bri's brother. He had quite a firm handshake and looked way stoked to be in the MTC. His companion was very tall and if I remember correctly he was from somewhere really cool. I also happen to have an Elder Madsen in my zone. Ryan, do you know who he is? Well, he lives by Britt and went to WJ. And he's in my zone. It's a small world. Oh and I ran into an Elder Listen and oh I can't remember the other one's name. But they're leaving for the Phillipeans on Monday and they said they worked with Carin and Joseph at the TRC. It's a small world.
Speaking of the TRC, I LOVE IT!! We went for the first time on Tuesday. It was great. We taught a member who is from the Mormon colonies in Mexico! I didn't even know there were Mormon colonies in MExico!! He was way nice and super not intimidating. If we didn't know how to say something in SPanish we'd just say "Como se dice..." Whatever the word was in English and he would tell us. We taugh him the importance of reciveving a personal conversion all the time. So we chall;enged him to pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true again. It was cool. The SPanish is going pretty well these days. At least as well as could be expected. =) I'm not the best in the class and I'm not the worst. I can say most of what I want to now though I get very important verbs confused. So they are going to be my focus this next week in my language study. We taught a temporary investigator this week. Her name is Luz. The first time we met with her we didn't get much accomplished. But the second! It was so great! We focused on getting to know her and discovering her need. And once we did - WABAM! We covered it and the Spirit was so strong. She trusted us because we got to know her first and because we showed her that we loved her before we told her what she should be doing in her life. But we only taught her twice. We may again eventually. But not for a while. Our real investigators are more difficult than she was. She was more open. While Victor is prtty closed off and falls asleep while we teach him. We try and engage him in the conversation but it's hard because of the difficulty with the language. And we will meet Matias for the first time on Thursday.
We had a sub for two of the days this week. And she was AWESOMEISTICALLY AWESOME! She was so pumped all the time. She would walk in and say,"Como estan?! Listos? Let's board the super bien train!!" And she has this power stance that should would always do. Baha. I loved it. She made us stay awake and she brought an excitement to the work we're doing that we haven't had before. Of course the elders all had to talk about how attractive she was. Imagine me rolling my eyes now. =)
So cool experience of the week. I was reading in Romans this week in chapter 8. It's a hard shapter to follow. At least for me. But as I sat down and read slowly and thought about the words it all started to make sense. I loved the whole stinkin chapter! Especially the end verses. 35-39. READ EM!! No battle. Just do it!
Love ya all. Keep smiling. Pray. Read them scriptures!! *hugs*
Hermana Scott

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  1. Elder Madsen is from our stake and is Ashtyn's age in school! Can't believe he's in your zone--so cool! - Mama Hill