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Friday, July 27, 2012

When You're Happy, Notify Your Face

Hola mi familia y amigos!
Well, I am offically a week and a half old now. You see, we measure age here, by how long you{ve been in the MTC. Which makes sense. The elders that are leaving this Monday that are in are zone seem almost as old as me. The ones who are in my district seem super young. They act like it too. But they're growing.
Just so I don't have to tell you all seperately: no I do not like the food here. It is yucky. We eat gross food then go sit in a classroom for four hours straight. So, naturally, I feel sick a lot of the time. Until I discovered the salad bar. Now, I eat salad a good majority of the time. Sometimes I'll have a wrap, but the line for those is almost always super long. Though, I do love the milk, as previously mentioned. =) I do have to say that the ice cream they give us is not as good as Aggie Ice cream though I may be a little biased, and I do love my Aggie Blue Mint. =)
Muchos gracias to all those who sent me letters. I LOVED reading them and laughing out loud as you relayed a funny story. Hermana Holmes thinks I'm crazy. Oh well. =) I always think of what I;'m going to tell you before I write then I forget when it's actually time to write.
Oh, yes. For those of you from USU who know Carrie Dutson, she is my neighbor! Yes, out of all the buildings we got put in the same one, on the same floor, in rooms right next to each other!! =) That's a blessign right there! She has become my hug buddy. Hermana Holmes does NOT like hugs, so I've been feeling a little hug deprived. Then Carrie- ahem- Sister Dutson gave me a hug and it was almost as good as a Wendy hug. (love ya, Wendy!) But not quite. Oh, and Carol, I don't know if you read this, but I ran into an Elder Clayton Freeman. He said he's in your ward. He was super nice. Sometimes when we run into other Spanish speaking elders and they learn that we've only been here for a week and a half they like to talk to us in really fast Spanish on purpose so we can't understand. But don't worry Elder Freeman and his companion were super nice and gave us a few tips.
So great hing happened this week: The honeymoon period at the MTC wore off pretty quickly and then I went straight into hostile mode. Everything was making me angry. The elders weren't living up to what I was expecting elders to be. Etc. And on Tuesday I decided, no matter how awkard it was I was going to as my branch President for a blessing. President Claybaugh is amazing and was super nice about it. We talked for a little bit and I realized that what I was the most upset about was my inability to be patient with those around me. My inability to be patient with myself. So I got a blessing from him. It was one of the best blessings I have ever had. I He explained some of the blessings I recieved in my setting apart. One of which was charity. He explained how I am blessed with the gift of charity. I will be able to love others with a perfect love. Etc. Oh my. Okay, I was bawling my eyes out. Won't lie. So now I have this awesome gift. I know I have it because charity is given to all those who are truly followers of Christ. But it's like a new outfit that doesn't quite fit right yet. I need to do some kindness pushups and service crunches before I can truly wear my new charity outfit. (No, I did not come up with that analogy myself. I saw it on a Mormon Message and adapted it to my needs). The next day after recieving the blessing I was already able to see the difference in myself. I could see already how Elder Hicks has grown and I could see the potential of Elder French. It was amazing. The priesthood is real. And it can bless your life. I promise.
 Ryan, and any other young man, when you are assigned to home teach sisters at schoold who do not have the priesthood in their apartment, PLEASE I beg of you visit them. Let them know you are worthy and are willing to give them priesthood blessings. My home teachers from jr year were the angels I needed to accept help from my bishop and Heavenly Father. They gave me blessings a lot. Without them it would have taken me a lot longer to get where I am now. SO please do you home teaching. *getting off soap box now*
Heremana Macy has been placed in my life  to teach my long suffering and love toward all men. And I mean that completely seriously. There was no sarcasm in that statement. There may have been two days ago, but not now. =) With her help, I have been able to learn more about charity and how to be charitable to those who it is not exactly easy to be charitable to. I am thankful Heavenly Father put her in my life. Even though sometimes I maynot like it. =) So I'm pulling a Bri here, and when you write me next could you tell me how charity has helped you in your life?
I'm struggling a little with personal study. I'm not quite sure how to make it effective. So when you write me could you also mention how you make person study effective in your life?
Ah! Three minutes!
Steph my dear. My mom says your package is on the way. It should be there in a week or so. Girl, I love you so much and I really miss our emails! I have the angel you gave me on the shelf above my desk and every day when I get ready I see it and think of you and your family. I hope all is well. Many many many many HUGS!!
So we have a new teacher. His name is Hermano Taylor and let's just say he wears nice ties....and he... well he wears them extremely well. =) (Janie Poo! Shout out to you!!) If he keeps wearing such nice ties it shouldn't be a problem.
Loves and many hugs!!
Hermana Scott

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