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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Memorable Firsts at the MTC

Oh hey guys! First off I'm mucho disappointed. No mail frm any of you. Josh, you said I should expect a letter every day. I've gotten nada from you. Or anyone for that matter except Sis. Dewey. She loves me. =) When you guys do write me, use Dear Elder. That way it will be delivered to me and I can read it any day at my convience, since I only have 30 min. on email in the first place.

The MTC is...different, but good. I've enjoyed everything except the early mornings, the shower situation, and teaching a full lesson to our investigator, Roberto,  in SPANISH!!! on the second night. Basically, he didn't understand a single thing I said and I didn't understand a thing he said. At least it was mutual. I'm finally getting used to going to bed so early. I slept the best I have yet last night, but I am the most tired today. But at least it's a half P day.

Oh which reminds me, my P days are normally on Friday, but since it's our first week it's on Saturday.
My companion is Hermana (sister in Spanish) Holmes. Yes, like Sherlock Holmes, like Robert Downey Jr. Yes, that is how I remembered her name for the first couple of days. =) She's the definition of awesome. We have the same sense of humor so we laugh a lot. Which is great. She's really good at Spanish so where I lack she makes up for it. She's patient with me and says that she will make me learn the language. Which is also great. =) The hermans in the room with us are Hermana Greenwood y Hermana Macy. They are both great hermanas and have much to bring to the mission field.

Okay, so the best thing that has happened yet is I ran into Dennis Jordan and his wife Susan. You know, my old soccer coach. They will be serving in Samoa. (Is that how you spell that?) They fly out on Monday, but will not get there for two more day, though due to the international timeline or something, it will only take one day. They're time travelers pretty much. =) I've ran into him a couple of times since when I saw them on the first day. We talk, catch up on old soccer teammates and they're just a little bit of home.

The best spiritual thing that's happened was on the first day when we had "Your Purpose" workshops. We were divided into groups and we went around teaching investigators as big groups. With the first two we didn't make any headway. They were stubborn and we were prideful. But the third all chnaged. This hermano (brother) wanted to know why God makes people go through hard trials like disabilities, starvation, having to flee you country, being five years old and having to support your family, etc. Basically he lectured us for ten minutes reminding us that we want for nothing compared to other people around the world. Nothing anyone said swayed his view that we were ungrateful little children until one sister raised her hand and expained that yes, she would never experiencce any of the trials he mentioned, that che couldn't understand, that we are young and inexperienced; but there is One who does and that is Jesus Christ (Jesucristo). Oh my heavens. The Spirit was so strong. He sat down and looked at us all and said that his heart had been changed. It was great. I don't know if he really was an investigator or not. Everyone argues about it. But even if he wasn't, we succeeded in inviting him to come closer to Christ. Our purpose was achieved. And I learned the importance of being humble while teaching. I think it's a reoccuring theme God is trying to teach me. =) This experience along with my relization that I'm really going to have to work in order to learn Spanish were those moments when God hits you over the head with a brick and says, "you WILL learn this." =) I got it. And I'm, aworkin' on it. =)

Hmm. Five more minutes...

There are 10 people in my zone. Is that what it's called? I can never remember. Anyway, 6 elders and 4 hermanas. All 4 of us hermans are going to Phoenix and 2 of the elders. Ther other 4 elders are going to various places, none of them to the same place. Oh and Kurt Ingram's cousin is one of my district leaders. =)
Love you all lots and lots! Remember to stick to the basics and that you're a child of God. He is always nearby.

hugs and loves, Hermana Scott

PS I LOVE the milk here!!!! Chocolate milk EVERY day for EVERY meal....yep, that's how I'm going to gain all my weight while I"m here in the MTC. =)

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  1. I'm so happy to read this! We'll get a letter in the mail this week. Mama (Aundrea) Hill