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Monday, August 5, 2013

Faith in the Lord also means faith in His timing

1182 Jardin Drive
Casa Grande Arizona 85122

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Love this one. Everytime it makes me laugh. =) How many times have we done something like this in our lives?

Well, I got transferred.

I just spent 10 and a half months in the city. In a 3 square mile area. Full of only Spanish speakers. Ward of 400 people and 150ish of them come on a weekly basis.

Now..well, this is not the city. I'm not in Phoenix anymore Toto. I'm not even sure how big our area is. HUGE is one way to put it. A branch of 40ish people. And just about everyone speaks English.

Talk about opposites.

My companion is Hna Limberg, She's from Washington. She went to BYU-I for a year before coming out. She's cool. She looks like Sarah sometimes. She's been out for 6 months. She's been here in Casa Gande for her whole time out here in AZ. We have a great lady named Christina on date. Her sons are all baptized and have the aaronic priesthood. She's been coming to church for the past 4 years, but wasn't married to her husband until about a month ago. She's adorable and I love her already. Her spirit is so sweet.

I live in a house with 5 other people. It's a little bit like college again. Except instead of being at school with people my own age they're all 3 to 2 and a half years younger than me. It is just about the best thing in the world.

I miss my matress back in Encanto. Like I said, it was the best matress I'd ever slept on. Here all I've got is this little thin matress you'd put on one of those little toddler beds. After I've been on it for about 10 minutes it sinks all the way down to the wood panel. Don't you worry I will be making a call to the housing coordinator about this one. No ancient 22 year old adult should have to sleep on something like this. Maybe the young and lively 19 yearolds could handle it, but I can't.

I met some missionaries at the transfer meeting that know Carol. They were nice and sweet.

Today I was thinking about Nephi. You know, the whole I will go and do and the Lord has commanded because the Lord will always provide a way for us to keep His commandments. Then there's another scripture in 1 Ne 17...25 I think, that says if we keep the commandments he will always support strengthen and provide a way. So obvioulsy Nephi has a testimony about God providing a way. The first scritpure was written before he killed Laban. So he had that testimony BEFORE that amazing experience. So what did Nephi do to get there? So I read up to that scripture. chapts 1-3. Trying to figure it out. How did Nephi obtain that testimony and that faith of God always providing a way for us to live His commandments? Basically this is what I came to
He had a dad who taught him well
He had had afflicitons
He had experienced the tender mercies of the Lord
But I think Nephi had read the scriptures. He knew and understood the who God is. That He's merciful and kind and lovling and perfect and just etc etc so he knew that God didn't want him to fail. He knew God wanted him to succeed.

BEFORE he even went down to Jerusalem to get the plates.


Well time to be off. Have a plendid week.
Hna Scott

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