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Monday, August 26, 2013

Obedience is the principle upon which our obedience is based

I don't know why these emails just seem to be getting harder and harder to write. Honest pants do you get bored reading them? Is it just the same thing over and over again?

Because sometimes I feel like I write the same thing over and over again.

We had a visit from Sister Toone the other day. I just love her so so much. We talked for a while about obedience. How obedience is the principle that our happiness is based on. They have 8 children. All of them are endowed and all but one who is not married yet have been married in the temple. SHe said that people have often come up to her and asked what it was that they did to raise such a large family of which all of them are active in the gospel of Jesus Christ. She told me it all comes back to obedience. As a parent when you don't walk the line of what you can or can't do on Sunday. Rather you desire to make it a holy day given to the Lord. Or how you where your clothing. She said that when you truly understand obedience you don't walk the line you don't even care to know where the line is because no matter what you're going to obey it. She said that as a parent you desire to really be obedient with your whole soul affects your children they see and they grow up with that love of obedience and of the Lord.

Then she said sometimes it's hard to be obedient when those around you aren't. That it's hard when no matter what you do you're children don't understand why you expect obedience from you. When their disobedience makes it hard for you to be obedient. That's where I am right now. Then she hugged me. I love her. It's amazing how mission presidents and their wives are called specifically for us.

Well, love you all lots

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