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Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 12, 2013

Mormon message for the week. SO good. We women, we are awesome, divine and beautiful.

So this one time, Hna Folsom kept telling me to get my eyes checked out. My eyes hurting like they always do when I wear my contacts isn't normal she said. Ha. And it just turns out that the first counselor of the branch presidency here is an eye doctor. He's also white. And he looks like Druitt/Jack the Ripper from Sanctuary. I can't even imagine what he really looks like. Druitt just comes to mind. So much for being consecrated. =) Anyway results from eye appointment. I have astigmatism (sp?), my current prescription is too high, and I have huge bumps on my eyes caused by allergies. I didn't even think my allergies were bugging me that badly. Apparently I was wrong. Don't worry I have steroid drops to make it better. =)

Hmm what else.

Oh I got a new bed. Never before have I been such a complainer. Never. Never have I felt the need to go to the people in charge as much as I have here. I'm not sure if it's a good things or a bad thing. But I called and said the bed was unbelievable. In the nicest way possible of course. She proceeded to tell me that those are the beds they give out but she would see what she could do. I wished her a splendid day and started praying for the ability to support my affliction. Then on the day of interviews she texted us and said I had a new mattress. WABAM!!! New bed. Yes, the little things that matter to us matter to God. =)

We went to a baptism this week. Everything combined against her. Even her husband and she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to follow Christ. So she got baptized. The room was so full of the Spirit you could almost chew it. It was cool. Hna L taught her before she got split from her English ward.

There's a general authority coming here this week. We're having a mission conference. It's going to be legit.

Phoenix mission got the okay to start using Facebook everyday for an hour to preach the gospel starting next month. A little jealous. Won't lie. And they wear their tags on the left. VERY jealous.

Spiritual experiences...

Well, when it gets hard, pray. And then pray some more.
Read D&C 98:2-3. You have a COVENANT from God that He will answer your prayers as long as you ask for that which is right.
D&C 98:12-15 Covenants - can you abide in the Lord's covenant?
Jacob 2:4 or something Our pride will destroy us
Jacob 5 read it thinking of the roots as the covenants. Coolest thing EVER.

Well, as you can see not much happened this week. Not much at all, but everything happens for a reason. everything.

Love you all
Hna Scott

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