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Monday, July 29, 2013

Designated Mission Unifiers

Subject #2 "When you want to get to know your mission president, do bad things." - Obispo C.

Weekly Mormon Message:

Dare to stand alone, but know that God is always behind you backing you up.

Well, rollercoaster week. Man.

Okay, since I know you are dying to know, I'm leaving Encanto. On Wednesday. My dear trainee will be taking over the area and I know she'll do great. I'm headed off into the unknown of the Tempe world. No calls from the president so no exciting assignments for me this transfer...hehe. Other than when he came to our house and told us that Hna Taylor and are are basically the mission lords. Or as we decided to better define it: designated mission unifiers.

Yep that's us. =) Though he may have said it just to quiet our words and complaints about this whole situation. ;-) Who knows. Other than the fact that the Spirit was there when he told us that we are the key to unifying the two missions, that this is why we came to Tempe, to help everyone live together in harmony. So, I won't doubt the Spirit. I'll trust and continue on my way. We received our very own presidential blessing then sealed by the Spirit. It was legit.

We found our first investigators in a month on Saturday, it's a family of 3. It's almost like they were waiting for us to knock on their door. It also happened to be same day Pres. Toone showed up at our apartment and talked to us for over an hour. So I guess when I say it was an intense week I really mean it was an intense Saturday. =)

But don't worry, we didn't really do anything bad to get him to come. Our bishop was wrong. You just have to ask the mission president to come over and give him a good enough reason like your comp is having an emotional breakdown and then he'll come right over. Nothing bad at all. So then you get to spend an hour with him and then his wife just calls to make sure you're all right and that if you ever need anything you can call at anytime. So another part of the rollercoaster week then I guess is that this week was super hard for Hna T. But things are good/better now, thanks to Pres T and his intervention, so we continue forward.

I'm scared to leave my bed here in my apartment. I don't know if I've ever told you but it's the best matress I've ever had and doesn't make my back hurt at all. I'm also sad to leave my members. I was talking to one who we helped return to church and she said she remembers that we've told her that sometimes it's hard to find people to teach, but we aren't called to a certain area for the investigators only. We're called for the members as well. She said we've helped her so much and she's thankdul for what we've done. Man I love her. She's single and she has a friend who's been telling er to move to Utah to live with her. And her friend happens to live in WJ! She says she's thinking about going! YAYHOO! I won't have to come to AZ in the blazing sun to see her. I'm so excited! I also asked Hna M, my mission mom, if when the time comes she'll drive me to the mission office at the end of my mision. She said yes. =) I love these people.

Don't write me at my apartment address now. I won't live there in 2 days. Here's the mission office address in Tempe 1871 East Del Rio Drive TEMPE, ARIZONA 85282 you can write there until further notice. Um...nothing else. Have a splendid week.

Hna Scott

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