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Monday, July 22, 2013

The person I can become is very, very different than the person I am now, but becoming that person is worth any sacrifice

Well, because I've forgotten the last few weeks, your weekly mormon message

LOVE this one!! It's all new and shiny. (And one day when I make mormon messages they will be like this. intense music. quick blurring clips. And quoting Josph Smith.)

Also a I'm a mormon video. Just kidding is down at this moment in time.

I would like to tell you about my lovely new friend. His name is Tiwi. Or sometimes I call him Piwi. Or stupid box from Satan. Or whatever appropriate name I like at the moment. He tells me when I forget to login. He tells me when I'm driving too fast. He tells me when I turn too fast and whatever other car driving mistake I make. And then he adds up the points and sends them to the mission president. Pft.

All you lucky future misisonaries out there this is what awaits you when you have the priviledge of driving a car. I know you're excited. Turns out that along with testing the ipads and iphones, Tempe is also testing the Tiwi. Yep, phoenix was much better. Just testing iphone and ipads without the curse of the Tiwi...harmph. BUT I will have you know. I have only had 2 violations. One for speeding on the freeway (who goes the speed limit on the freeway?!? I mean HONESLTY!!! And the other was when I forgot to login because we were in a hurry. So don't you worry. My driving is pretty good if I do say so myself. Tiwi I think would agree as well.

Well, this week has been a week of tender mercies. For your enjoyment:

The other day I was starving. Starving I tell you! I was going to fall over and die of starvation. So before going into see Laura I prayed that she would give us food of some kind. As we were leaving she just says "Karen get them the Ritz crakers." (In Spanish of course) So she gave us both crackers a whole roll of them!! Tender mercies man. Then, that same day my uncle shows up at the door with groceries. Man. Tender mercies. (Don't worry I didn't actually see him ;-) )

Hmm. What else happened this elder from our district went home for medical reasons. We knocked a whole bunch of doors and nobody let us in. We're struggling to find people to teach. We're in a weird transition of going into Tempe but not really because we're still our own section of Phoenix, a weird appendage of Phoenixness. Hna Taylor is really struggling with it because this all just happened to happen at that time in your mission when you're deciding if you really want to be here and we've had some not so great experiences with the few Tempe missionaries we actually have met. Who knew combining two missions would be so stressful. I think part of it is the rules and all that jazz. In Phoenix we lived by the white handbook. We were left to decided mostly for ourselves exactly what it meant. And our specific rules inlcuded for elders button up your suit jacket when you stand up sister where some kind of suit jacket or cardigan to all meetings, or slang means terms like "greenie, white washed etc" Here there's a specific rule for everything including another book of rules we have to read from. Everything in Tempe is more formal more business like. The APs run the show, the leadership ZLs DLs and Sister training leaders have so much "power" and to be honest from what we've seen they abuse it. Phoenix we were equal. We we're all learning together. The APs weren't any more special than us normal missionaries. It's a little weird and hard. I won't lie. But Pres. Toone is a good man. I trust him. And we can't always be comparing everything to Phoenix. I know that. There's a reson for everything.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week. I studied repentance this time through. And MAN repentance is AWESOME> My favortie way to describe repentance is that God sees us as we can become and repentance is how we get there. It's something good. It's something as small as deciding to say your prayers everyday or as big as changing an addictive behavior. Love it. Oh and I started it again studying repentance and the holy ghost. And I've already learned something about the HG that I never really thought of before. That the Holy Ghost is a promise of eternal life. It's like a down payment on what we can have. The Holy Ghost gives us a taste of te joy we can have forever if we but endure to the end.

Well, that's enough for today I believe. Have a splendid week!

Hna Scott

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