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Friday, July 19, 2013

"I want obedience for you, not from you." - Pres. Taylor

July 8, 2013

"I want obedience for you, not from you." - Pres. Taylor

Well, I don't even know where to start.

Tempe. The best thing about being in the Tempe mission is that we get to go to the temple every 6 weeks as a zone.

For more information please see the last entry on page 722 in the Bible Dictionary and 2Ne 25:25

the investigator that called us a couple weeks ago and said she was coming to church got baptized yesterday. =) It was really cool. The change in goodness. It's been a ride, but she finally made it. Now she's waiting for her husband to save up enough to get an apartment so she can move to Washinton with him and then they will become a eternal family. It's so awesome.

There have been two deaths in the ward in the last couple of weeks. So there was a funeral on Saturday. Most of her family are members of another faith and the majority of them didn't come to the service. But because they don't really know what the Plan of Salvation is there was a lot of crying, from her sister especially. I never really knew what wailing and gnashing of teeth meant before but now I do. I can't imagine hiring people to do that like they did when Jesus' time. The food, of course was delicious. Hna M got a great picture of us by the huge bowl they used to hold it all, but you'll all have to wait a while to see it since it's on her camera.

The other death was with a family I'm really close to. If you remember back to Jan and Feb and a little boy named Fernando. It's the family who got me cake for my birthday and everything and we taught and baptized her son Fernando. She hada ton of things wrong with her then she got samonela (sp) something eventually went to her brain she went into a coma and then eventaully died. It's super sad because the dad does drugs and now everyone's fighting about who gets the kids. We still don't know when her funeral will be.

In other happier news, the Diaz family, Fernando's aunt and uncle the one's who want to keep the kids, are going to be able to prepare to enter the temple soon!! The husband finally got his act together and stopped drinking and he's been strong for the last two months. Bishop told him after 3 months he can get the Mel Priesthood!! Then they can go to the temple!! AHH!!! I cried I was so excited. And then I firmly told them they'd better invite me to said sealing. =)

Well, I don't have much time left. Sometimes the letter just comes out without much thought but this time I've had to scramble for things to write.

Well love you all and talk to you next week.

Hna Scott

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