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Monday, December 3, 2012

Remember you are a choice child of God. Never forget it, always live it.

I always feel silly starting these letters. Like I have to come up with some smart, fancy way that's different than the last week, but I think sometimes I just start them the same every time...just like my journal entries. "Today we..." =) Oh well, you've just gotta bear with me.

Now, this last week.


We found this lovely lady. Her name is Juana. She is 76 years old and has lived alone for the the las 36 years. Her kids say it's her fault that she and her husband got divorced and all but one of them live out of state. The one that does live in Arizona lives in Glendale which is about a thirty min. drive from where we live and this daughter only stops by once a month. She has a sister who lives in Tucson that drive downs every once in a while to make sure she's taking her medication and to clean her bathroom. It really is so sad. On Saturday I asked her how her day was and she said that whether its Monday thrusday or sunday it doesn't matter because all the days seem the same to her. Oh my heavens it was so sad. And this lady is so precious. Everything about her is precious. She has these dentures that she has been saving up for for years and so her smile is so cute. There is one thing about dear Juana though. She's a pack rat. I mean it in the best way possible. She was born duning the great depression so she says she needs to save everything in case she's going to need it eventually. Do you remember that show on TLC that was about helping people clean out their houses. Well, she could almost be on that show. We walked through it all the other day and found like old old raggady ann and cabbage patch dolls with the special signature on them to say that they're legit. We also found a very vintage looking dresser. And she has art, like nice art Picasso and others shoved into this one closet. My heavens. =) This house is an adventure. I love it. Well, except the smell in the kitchen. =) Anyway we went by and started cleaning with her. We got rid of most of her dishes that she doesn't want already and cleaned out about half of the cupboards and cleaned all of her dishes that were piling up on the counter top for weeks and weeks. The ward is coming over on Saturday to help her as well. Hna P and I are hoping to get most of it cleaned out before then or at least all of her treasures so when the ward comes by it doesn't just get thrown out. Man, I love this lady. Seeing her all alone like this makes me so sad. Don't worry mom and dad. When you're 76 and if you don't have anywhere to live you can live with me. =)

Oh yes! And the most exciting new yet! I cannot believe I had forgotten already. Do you remember when I told you the two stories about Vero and Michal? Well, both of them have new chapters. We ran into Vero the other day when we were visiting the apartment complex she lives in. We when in and talked to her and found out that she was moving the next weekend. So we helped her pack. As we were carrying stuff out to the car we heard her son Henry who was always the sweetest little boy cussing up a storm at his little sister and then she returned it with full force. Oh my. It was so devestating to see the deterioration of their family like that. Vero had chosen to regect everything we had taught her. To throw it back in God's face in a way and now her children are not growing up with good values. It was so sad. Henry was so sweet and then we hear him swearing and threatening to kill his sister. It was so sad. And they moved. And Vero wouldn't tell us her address. So we don't know where they are. BUT! The story with Michal continues as well. =) After Wabaming him and reminding him what is expected of him, he stepped it up. He started taking in depth notes whenever he read the book of mormon he started to pray every day. And well on Nov 30 he was baptized. Yep. He was baptized. =) It was one of the best experiences of my life. You know that scripture that says all of our trials and tribulations will be swalled up in the joy of Christ? Well, I know a little bit more of what that scripture means now. All of the things that have happened so far on my mission are nothing compared to the feeling I had as I watched Michal be baptized and then yesterday on Sunday be confirmed. All of those things I had thought of as sad and hard became nothing as I saw him enter into the waters of baptism. And how great shall be your joy if you shall belp but one soul.

So that's just a little bit about my week. Hope yours went splendidly.

Hna Scott

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