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Monday, November 26, 2012

We have the resposibility to see individuals not as they are but rather as they can become. I would plead with you to think of them this way." - Pres. Monson

Man. My goodness gracious. This week was intense. Many many things happened and I know I will not have time to write them all. Sad but it's tree. Don't you worry though dear reader. I have made it a goal to keep a very good journal so one day I will tell you all the stories because they are all written down.
Well, it is another transfer now, which means another exchange. This time I stayed in Encanto and Hna P left. And she went to PRESCOTT. Yes, Prescott which is like a two hour drive from where we live. So we went half way and met in some middle of nowhere cafe. Yes, it was in the middle of nowhere and it was so weird!! I live in Phoenix. There are people, lights, cars, houses, etc EVERYWHERE. You can drive at night and it is never truly dark. This was not the case on the way to the this middle of nowhere place. And the roads were curvy and had hills. It was an adventure Anyway, we decided to do this exchange last Tuesday to Wednesday. We're missionaries. Life doesn't change for us if it's a holiday or not so that didn't even phase us. Anyway, as the story continues Sis R came with me and Sis C and Hna P went to Prescott. Sis C doesn't have a lot of experience driving. So as soon as Sis R and I got in the car to drive to phoenix Sis R says something about how she's terrified for their truck who's name is Mary Sparkles. Fast forward to the next morning we get a call from Sis C telling us that she got in an accident on the way home. AH! They ended up swerving off the road and hitting a sign post causing $3000 worth of damage on the car, but do not fear both Sis C and Hna P were fine. Anyway, that meant that on Wednesday night Hna R and I would have to drive all the way up to Prescott and back to finish up the exchange overall a 4 hour drive. So we went throughout the first part of our day did all our studies which because I'm Spanish peaking and I'm training last until 1 pm. We went out to this apartment complex and did some contacting and I realized how much Spanish I do know. It was cool. I really can talk to people and understand. But I'm lazy and if Hna P is there I know she's going to do it all so I don't try. But with Sis R who only speaks the Spanish I taught her that morning I had to do it all and I was able to do it. Anyway then we got a call from Elder Rodgers (the Elder in charge of cars) saying we had to drop everything and drive to the mission office so he could drive us to PRescott because traffic was bad because of all the people trying to leave Phoenix for Thanksgiving. But before that we had to stop off at the mission home and talk to Sis Taylor. Oh my heavens. It was a crazy day. And I have now visited the Mission Home 3 times already. In the 2 months that I've been here. So I spent 5 hours in the car on Wednesday night driving to and from Prescott. Sorry if that story didn't make any sense. I feel like I just spit all the words out onto the screen and they may not be written in any coherent manner.

Sarah, has a request for a funny story...well Sarah, I have a confession to make. I am not very good at telling stories. Let alone funny ones. Its a talent I have not managed to develop yet. Sad I know but it's the truth.

But I shall try. I've old ya'll about our investigator Rosi, right? Well, a couple weeks ago we were teaching her in her back yard since she only lives with her dad and she's only 13 we can't teach her inside unless we've set up a member present. Well, this day we did have a member present but she was another 13 year old girl named Rebecca, so we sill couldn't go inside. There are two different types of people/lifestyles you find here. The ones who have steady jobs, money, have been a little Americanized, etc. Then there's the ones who raise their own food, they work in the fields picking melons or will do anything they can to earn money to feed their family, etc. Rebecca the member present is from the first mentioned groups, she doesn't even Speak Spanish. And Rosi well she is kinda a mixture of the two. Anyway. we were in her back yard teaching and Rosi's little nieces and nephews were outside in the back too and guess what they were doing to amuse themselves...? Any guesses? They were chasing the chickens around the back yard. Those poor chickens all clucking and trying their best to get away from these little children and eventually they realized they would be safe if they came over by us. So this one chicken just jumps right up on Rebecca like perched on her arm and she freaks out she's stunned and doesn't even know what to do. Yes, it was hilarious. My story telling did not even do it justice, but like I said, it's a talent I'm still working on developing. =)

This week was also Thanksgiving. We had 6 families invite us to dinner, we told 5 of them we would come over and we ended up only making it to 4. I'm still full. Food hasn't sounded yummy for days. But it was good. One of the houses we went to was the bishop's mom's house and it was so nice to sit with a whole family and to see their love for each other as a family. I dunno. Thanksgiving was harder for me than I though it was. I knew approximately what you guys would be doing at what time, like going to Jean and Kevin's and playing 7 Up and eating eggnog pie. Or going and seeing a movie or sitting around and looking at all the Christmas adds after everyone is done eating dinner. It was hard, but made me appreciate what I have even more.

The bishop's sister, Hna Moreno is so great to all the hermana missionaries. She invited us to eat with their whole family. She's kinda like a long lost aunt or something. I love her so much already. She has a sad story, but that ends well. And this is her story as far as I understand. She got married and had her son somewhere around the age of 19. I think she left the church around this time too. But things didn't work our all that well with her husband. He ended up being an alcoholic and abusive. (She's in Mexico at this time) So because she loved her son so much she left him. Eventually they came to the US her and her siblings and mom. She got residency went to school became a teacher and got re involved in the church. All for her son. She's amazing. I just love strong women. Women that can be caring charitable loving full of the spirit and then when need be they can be strong independent and stand for what they know is right. Anyway, we've been playing match maker with her and we think we've found her the perfect husband. =) As long as he continues to be reactivated into the church of course. But she made us feel like family. She's even giving us a Christmas tree for Christmas time. =) Her son is on a mission right now and she's so proud of him. She's always telling us how he's doing and showing us pictures. She always comes out with us because he's her only family her only son and she wants to be a part of what he's doing. She's so awesome. The end. =)

There's some stories for you. =)

Here's something from Pres Taylor:

Remind your parents and family of our two mission blogs - is the original site with Sister Taylor's posts and pictures from mission meetings, transfers, events and happenings, and (note that "phoenix" is spelled out here) is a new mission blog with answers to frequently asked questions from parents and family members (mission address, releases, visits, email/mail, etc.). Feel free to forward those to your parents.

Love you all. HAPPY (late) THANKSGIVING!!!

Oh and all Christmas gifts (not that you have to send any) should be sent to the mission office. Apparently they do this cool Christmas thing with everyone so yeah.

Much love
Hna Scott

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