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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Preaching is good, but sermons that don't lead to action are like fires that don't give heat or water that doesn't quench thirst. - Pres Uchtdorf

Well, another week has gone by, marking the end of my first transfer. Weird. But Hna P isn't being transfered like she thought she was going to be so we'll be together for another transfer, like we're supposed to be when someone is being trianed. Our companionship is going through some growing pains at the moment. Which is bound to happen when you work so closely with someone. I think, nope I know that I just don't play well with others. I would rather do it by myself. And I do better when I know that I have to do it and that there's nobody to fall back on. But that is not the way this life works. =) I will get through it. It'll work out.
For Halloween we have to stay inside, unless we have a for sure member set up to join us for the lesson and to drive us to and from the house, or if there's an official ward halloween activity, we have investigators going, and a ride to and from. So it looks like we have a lesson at 6 and at 7 we will attend the halloween party. =) If these things fall through we are expected to deep clean the apartment as instructed by Pres Taylor. Once we have cleaned the apartment we are allowed to take the time to relax.
So we went tracting this last week for a couple of hours. We met an English speaking family who are history fanatics. They love everything and anything about history. They were really nice and inteligent people. I automatically likeed they're oldest daughter. They are also hardcore Baptist. Those sermons where the preacher yells at the congregation pounds on the Bible. Yeah that kind. Pues, it was intense. They started pulling out all these "facts" about Joseph Smith, that he really was man whore and went around chasing married women, and that the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible. That works are dead and all you need is faith all you need to do is believe in Him and not work at anything. Which if you read that verse correctly it says that in fact FAITH is dead WITHOUT WORKS. That we are all born sinners, that we are all born going to hell and we have to work to get to heaven that lieetle children are automatically doomed to live in fire and brimstone for all time and eternity. What a sad depressing outlook on life and on the character of Dios (God) Then as we were leaving the mom stopped us and said, "What if as you are walking back to your car, a truck came around and hitand killed you? You would find yourself in hell because you read the wrong book (refering to the book of mormon). Is that what you want? To be in hell because you listened to a wolf in sheep's clothing (referring to Joseph Smith) ? Go home and read the Bible. Not your silly Book of Mormon. And find out if this is really what you should be doing." Then we said goodbye and went on our way. It was a really interesting exchange. The whole time I did not feel angry or dislike this family in the slightest. I just felt sad that their knowledge has lead them to have this darkness. As we were walking away I had wished I had born powerful testimony of the truths that I know, but I didn't. I think on this lady's words quite often. Not the things she has wrong but the fact that she really had our eternal wellfare in mind just like we have hers. The difference is that we have the light of the gospel. We both felt like we need to knock that door so I am confident that somewhere along the line so good will come out of this exchange.
But some good news =) We have a 13 year old investigator name Rosie. She's pretty awesome. She has a baptisimal date for Nov 17. She reads every single thing we give her all the chapters all the pamplets and comes to us with questions about what certain words mean. It's legit. She's legit. She just soaks it all in. Oh and she relates everything we say to movies. We were teaching her the Plan of Salvation and she asks us if it was like this movie she saw with chariots in the sky and stuff. It was pretty funny. Anyway we were teaching her other day and we told her that she needs to start coming to church but she usually goes to her mom's house on weekends. So we asked her to pray about it, specifically if she should go to church on Sunday. So she did. =) Right then and there. When she finished she kept her head down and was wiping away tears. Hna P asked her what she was feeling and Rosie said that she was surprised, surprised by the feelings she was feeling in her heart. That she had gotten an answer right then and there that was so strong. It was pretty cool. So she came to church. She went with us to her neighbor's house Sunday morning who is a member and let that member who se had never before met drive her over to the church. She really liked it and her YWs teacher said she was really involved in the lesson. =) AHHH!!! Now we just have to make sure her parents are okay with her getting baptized.
Okay, that tis all for now. Peace out til next Monday.
Much love
Hna Scott

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