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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


You know, it's funny. You look forward to P days just about the whole week so you can write your family, take a nap without feeling guilty, or start on that stack of letters that need to be responded to, etc. And then when it comes you realize you have no idea what to write in your letter home and there's no where near enough time to do everything that you want to do that day. Such is the life of a missionary I guess.

Unfortunately, Olivia did not get baptized. She was never able to get an interview because she got sick that day, like really sick. She's better now, but still has lots of problems with her digestive system, I think. They don't really teach you words like "intestines" or "stomach" in the MTC. =) She still comes to church and has just about every week since we first met her she usually comes to all the ward activities and she read the BofM the other day for an hour!! She has her interview tonight so we will see how that goes. We recently got a member to stay with her once a week after the lessons to take more time to explain things. The member ended up staying for TWO HOURS! And she managed to get Olivia's husband interested and to come sit down with them, which is something we've never been able to do. It was legit. Hopefully things go okay tonight and she can come to the interview.

The weather is still lovely here and hasn't gotten any colder than that one night when it was 55 degrees. The sky's here are gorgeous. In the mornings now the sun is barely coming up when we go out to run and it's a beautiful purple color. (Brinny, don't you dare say anything =) ) I do love my morning run everyday, mostly because that means I can run through my scales in my head. I'm almost through them all and then I will start on my arpeggios. (It's a good thing I'm a music major and don't know how to spell that word. =) and that the computers here have such outdated versions of the browser that there is no spell check on them.)

Don't worry about me on Thanksgiving. We already have 5 dinners lined up...okay maybe you should worry about me. Pray that I don't explode from over eating. =) Oh the other day there was a ward party for Thanksgiving and we got to keep the left over Jamica!! I think Jamica is just about my favorite thing here oh that and the tres leche cake. =) I mean, three kinds of milk, how can you get any better than that. =)

Speaking of milk, I recently went back to my old-new habits. The one at school where I could get a gallon of milk to last me two weeks. There's just not enough money to go through a gallon a week and well I splurged and bought cashews, crasins, bacon bits, tomatoes, cucumbers, this delicious popcorn chicken, and lettuce all so I could make a delicious and legit salad. I never realized nuts were so expensive!! So now I have to cut back on everything else. Oh well it was worth it. =) And if I'm careful they will last me a while.

Fun story of the week: we stopped by this house and asked if we could give them a card and bless their home. He said yes, but when we walked in the mom is like gagging trying to clean up this throw up all over the floor. Can you see where this is going? Yes, we served this family by cleaning up their dog's throw up and it was a BIG dog. It was an adventure. I just kept praying "Please help me keep my dinner down, please help me not throw up." =) Don't worry my prayers were answered. We successfully cleaned up the throw up and mopped the floor then blessed them and gave them a card for a free BofM. She said she would definitely call the number. WABAM!! Missionary work through service!

We had a mission tour with Elder Kolliker from the Seventy this last week. It was really cool. Very spiritual which also means very tiring. I left that meeting which was from 9am to 3pm feeling more wiped out than I do on any other missionary day. He gave us some tips to help keep recent converts active. It was legit. When Olivia gets baptized she will go to the temple for bautismos for los muertos no less than six weeks later. We will take good care of her and make sure the ward does too so she doesn't fall away. Or at least we will do everything in our power to do so, she always has her agency.

Well, that is all for now.
Much love
Hna Scott

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