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Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have fought the good fight...I have kept the faith - 2 Tim verses...well, now I can't remember. =)

Oh my heavens. I cannot believe it's almost Thanksgiving. This is crazy to me. Avengers is out on DVD, the Hobbit is coming out in Dec., this Les Meserables sounds epic...*sigh* don't worry I'm not going apostate or anything. I'm pretty excited to get to watch them all for free on somebody's couch when I get home. Just sayin'. =) I'm pretty sure it's the weather here. Because it's warm I think that time isn't really passing because if it was really almost Thanksgiving it would be a lot colder than it really is. Right now it's about 80 degrees. The last couple of days have been a little chilly though. One night before we went home it was 55. I had to wear a weater all day. I never expected this to happen. People kept telling me that it actually does get cold in Phoenix, but I didn't believe them. =)

Olivia should be getting baptized this weekend. She has her interview tonight. She doesn't feel like she's ready but she's acting on faith and is having her interview anyway. This lady pretty much rocks. =) Oh and the other day we prayer blessed this lady's home (in English which was so wierd by the way) and when I said amen she was crying. She kept saying this was so unexpected thank you so much for coming by. I really needed this. Etc. It was so cool. We made an appointment to come by the next day, but she ended up getting callec into work. Grr. That Satan. He would. But it was a pretty cool experience. The Spirit was very strong and obviously He touched her heart through me. Pretty epic.

Did I ever tell you about Vero? I can't remember. Well, she was the very first investigator I met out here on the mission. She's super nice always gave us this delicious drink called Manzanita (which means apple I do believe). Anyway, it got to the point that she wasn't progressing. She wouldn't do any of her commitments. One day we went by and like told her straight up that she wouldn't recieve an answer until she read the BofM diligently until she went to church and prayed. It was the weiredest thing. I was saying these words totally calling out this lady 40 year old lady I'd only know for a month. The Spirit wass almost tangilble. Kinda like an electricity in the air. I left that appointment so physically drained that I could barely drive to the next one. And I was in tears because I felt like I had cursed her. That I had said she would not recieve an answer unless she does these things and she would only recieve it from the BofM.
I was/still am afraid of that power that when need be I can use. A little silly I know. Being afriad of letting God use you as a mouthpiece. THat's why I'm here, but it really scared me and it still does. I guess I don't have enough faith at the moment. But don't worry. I'm working on it. And Pres Eyring once said let faith overcome the fear.

After that Vero wouldn't be there for her appointments and one day she told us she didn't want to get baptized that she didn't believe anything of what we had told her anymore. (Before I had gotten here she was ready for baptism. She had recieved an answer she had and passed her interview. She knew getting baptized was what God wanted her to do, but she wanted to wait for her son Henry to be ready) She said she had done everything she needed in order to know and God hadn't said anything so she didn't believe. It was so sad. It broke my heart. That was a sad story, but I wanted to tell you that that power to talk like that well it happened again last night and was basically the same thing again. Calling Michal to repentance saying if he didn't read the BofM he would never know because the BofM is what holds it all together. I hope this time the story will have a happier ending.

Oh and we had a conference with Elder Holland and Pres Eyring and Sister Esplin and the presiding Bishop this Sunday. It wasn't at our building so it was broadcasted and we watched it in Spanish so I didn't undersstand all that much. It made me thankful that I do speak english so I can hear these apostles speak in their real voices and hear the words that go with the expressions on their faces. (Spanish takes a little longer so you see that face that Pres Eyring pulls when he gets a little teary eyed and then you hear what went with that face like 15 seconds later) But I do love Spanish and every day I understand more and more.

Much love

Hna Scott

Well, it's time to go. Another week is passed. Oh and the title, well, I found that scripture today in personal study and I love it. That's what I want to be able to say by the time I get home.

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