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Monday, December 31, 2012

Whatever Life Throws at You Throw Back a Smile

Well, how was everyone's Christmas? Was there snow? I sure hope there was. We had a CD that had the the song that goes, "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas." Can't remember the name of it for the life of me. =) Christmas here was good. We were only allowed out of the apartment if we had an appointment or if we went caroling to members of the ward. This was the case for both Christmas Eve and Christmas. So we sat around the house most the time. We watched some of the church movies we have in our apartment and cleaned. It was pretty intense. ;-)

We had dinner with one family in Cielito Christmas night. This family is awesome. The dad is the second counselor in the mission presidency. the mom is just awesome. She always says that her house is our house and that if we don't have anywhere to eat we can just show up to eat. Sometimes at church when she sees us she asks if we have anyone set up to eat dinner with that night and when we answer no, because we haven't made the call yet, she says, okay see you at five and walks away!! We can't even argue with her when she does that! But the ham she made was SOO good!!! I usually don't even like ham that much but this ham was some of the best I've ever had. She made it with pineapple  mmm mm good. She asked us if we could play piano and we all answered yes but we're not very good. So she says well you need something to practice on (in Spanish) and she goes and gets this little toy keyboard that she has for her grand kids and gives it to us. It was legit. I could have just hugged her. Now as part of our companionship study in the morning we practice singing hymns with both the alto and soprano part. We're legit. I know. =) You should have heard us sing Noche de Luz (silent night) man, we were pros. The next time we saw her, her name is Hermana Zayas she says that her grand kids didn't even ask for the piano, they were too busy with all their new toys. So it worked out for all of us.

The rules are pretty much the same for today and tomorrow, minus the caroling part. We have to be back in the apartment at 6 tonight and we have to deep clean, do some "serious goal setting", plan for the next week, etc before we are allowed to have any free time. Then tomorrow we are only allowed out by appointment. So yep. It's gonna be one of the most exciting New Years of my life. I was just barely getting back into the hang of things again after Christmas and now we have to start all over again. Oh well. It'll work out. We're allowed to write letters after we finish all of the above mentioned stuff so maybe I'll have time to catch up on that big stack of letters I still need to respond to. =) Oh and I've fallen behind on my journal writing again so I'll have plenty of time to catch up on that as well. It's turning into a scrapbook kind of thing. No there are no stickers or cutsey stuff going on. Just writing and then the pictures that I've printed off that go with what I've been writing. It's intense man. One day my posterity will look at that and just be amazed by my stunning journal. =)

Nothing too terribly exciting happened this last week. We did get a referral from a lady who went to see the lights in Mesa and loved it but she forgot to put down her apartment number. fail. So we've started on a mission. We are going to knock every single door in the apartment complex to find her. It's gonna be intense man. The good news is that we've already found two potential investigators in the process. We have appointments to go back and see them this week after the festivities. They're both young moms with kids a couple of which are over 8. I've never really worked with a young family before. I'm excited about it. And we're not even one fourth of the way through the complex. It's really big.

Oh and we found this guy. So we got a referral for this lady who lives in this old peoples home. But she didn't put down her whole apartment number. There are four halls and each one has a letter A B C or D and every hall starts at number so the address would be A202 or something like that but all we have in 214. If you're ever going to send your information to the missionaries PLEASE put your whole address down. =) But while we were at this complex we saw this guy as we were walking out and he started talking to us. He said he didn't know anything about God and wanted to know more. He's probably 80ish So we were like okay set an appointment to come back. We went back and saw him and his daughter was there cleaning his apartment for him. She tells us he's a "pervy" kind of guy and that he has alzhiemers (sp?) Great. What did we get ourselves into? But we'd already invited him to church and he said he wanted to come. I thought he was nice. He didn't seem creepy to me, just old and slightly not all there. So we arranged for him a ride to church and he came. He ended up telling everyone he was already a member and he loves the feeling he has a church. It was quite amusing. My comps had to , like always leave early to head to the other ward we cover so I was on my own with him (and my companion for the moment Brenda) until I could find a male to take him to the classes and stuff. He kept getting lost and trying to leave the church building. =) I had to go get him several times. But he seemed to enjoy the whole experience and the family who we asked to give him a ride seemed to really like him. They went and visited him after church and everything. I just am unsure what we're supposed to do. I don't think we're allowed to baptize a man who's not all there. Oh well. Maybe we're just preparing him for the spirit world. =)

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear friends and family!! Be safe. Make good choices. Keep the Spirit with you. Love you all
Hna Scott

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