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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On the first day of Christmas my president gave to me...

Well, today we got a text. Any idea what it said? And, since it's a Tuesday that means that it's the last P day of the transfer.

Any idea what that means? Yep, you got it right. I'm not leaving Encanto. =) But Hna P is. Which is good. And very sad at the same time.

It's weird. I've developed a love for her that I don't think I've had with anyone before. Kind of like a motherly love. (I've never been a mom I know, but it's the only way to describe it) I've had to take care of her a little bit. Make sure she eats and sleeps. Make sure she's taking care of herself and that kind of stuff. But I've had to do it very sneakily like. Otherwise she just gets angry. =) I remember the day she was so sick she couldn't even get out of bed. Her headache was so bad she couldn't talk. And all I could do was sit there and watch. Watch as Pres and Sis Taylor told me this is just a cycle, that I shouldn't worry, that she does this all the time to get out of working, and if she doesn't stop she's going to be sent home. I just wanted to shake them both and scream in their faces, "THIS HAPPENS BECAUSE SHE WORKS TOO MUCH!!! NOT BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO GET OUT OF IT!!!" I have honestly seen her go from throwing up over and over and in a second as soon as a member walked over, she was perfectly fine and she then went on to ask him about his family his kids his job etc. That is not a person who wants to get out of work. But things are better now. Have no fear. =) She hasn't gotten sick in a while and after that experience I couldn't get mad at her for the little things she did that bugged me. I had to be by her side all the time working with her so she didn't work too much. And now she's leaving. I feel like these last two transfers have been like riding a bike with training wheels. And now the training wheels are impeeding the growth rather than helping. I'm excited to find out how I do this work when I don't have someone telling me exactly how to do it everytime, to develop my own teaching style/personality, to not always be the shadow that follows Hna P around. Hopefully that makes sense. =)

I have some very exciting news. =) Well, other than the fact that I'm staying here in Encanto. We're having another baptism this week!! At least one of our investigators is getting baptized, Olivia!! The lady I found and when I tried to speak in Spanish to her the first time it didn't even make sense, but she let us in anyway. She's had this doubt about Jose Smith for a while now and that's why she didn't get baptized before. Last week we fasted for her and watched the whole Jose Smith video with her. She told us the day after she watched it that she had felt it was all true during the movie, but that she went home and her family started bashing on the church and then she started having all these doubts. So we told her she's ready that she knows it's true and shouldn't wait. So she had her interview yesterday and wants to go through with the baptism this Friday!!! WABAM!!! The other investigator is Enrique. He's the one who had cancer and got a priesthood blessing and a blood tranfusion and since then has been getting better. Well, until recently. We've taught him everything. He knows it's true, but he's been getting sick again. He doesn't have a lot of strength in his legs so he doesn't want to get baptized because he thinks he's going to fall while it happens. But it should happen. And he needs to get baptized. If he keeps getting worse...well, he may not have much time left in this life.

Today, in the beautiful spirit of Christmas, we started the Chain of Charity. Baha. What a cheesey name, I know. But we paid a visit to the hermanas down south. Meaning Hna Macy and Holmes from the MTC and their companions (they live together, just live Hna Greenwood from the MTC and I live together with our companions) we heart attacked their door made them a cake shaped like a big missionary name tag and wrapped their door in wrapping paper and set forth the rules for the Chan of Charity. They have to do an act of charity for two more companionships of missionaries who will then do it for two more and two more and two more and so forth. Kind of like Pay it Forward, but none of us are going to get stabbed. I hope they keep it going. As soon as Hna P gets me the pictures I will send them on to you all.

Well, that's about all for now. =) MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Oh and check out

much love
Hna Scott

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