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Monday, December 24, 2012

I Believe in Santa Clause, Do You?

Oh man. Well I spent all my time writing Pres Taylor...and looking at all the pictures everyone sent me. =) And well, I shut my thumb in the car door last night, so typing in a little difficult Don't worry, it's only slightly purple and the swelling has gone mostly down, but I still can't bend it all the way.

We had our Christmas conference on Friday. It was absolutely amazing. We did a temple session and got to walk around and look at the lights without having to worry about the investigators that we brought. I was secretly hoping the Holy Ghost had whispered to Carol to show up at the temple, but alas, I did not see her. We also listened to Pres and Sis Taylor speak and sang songs. It was really cool. It's amazing how the Savior is more of a focus now for me than the presents. Don't worry, I'm still excited to open them all tomorrow. =)

I love you all and I loved looking at all the pictures from the family party last night. It made me a little...I am not sure how to explain it. It's a sad feeling but at the same time it's happy. I love seeing all your smiling faces and the Christmas boxers you all are wearing. Part of me wishes I could have been there, but I know this is where I need to be. That when I do see you all again face to face it will be even more sweeter. Hopefully that makes sense. =) And I know, no matter what happens I will be with you all for eternity. What a great gift we have been given. Elder Nelson once said it is part of our human nature to long to be with our family,
that it's a human need. (he said it more eliquently of course.) That too is a wonderful gift. And don't worry. You can still send pictures. =) I really do love looking at all of them.

Merry Christmas!! My heart is with you all!! Stay safe and remember no matter what happens, no matter what you've done, you are a loved child of God. So loved he sent His only begotten Son here to die for you. Another great gift.

Much love and many many hugs
Hna Scott

Hna Scott

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