Going to the temple

Monday, January 28, 2013

I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday, to feel the holy Spirit to listen and to pray

Man, sometimes I really am not a fan of transfers. I'm not a fan of change I guess is mostly why. I barely get used to something and God decides to change it up. *sigh* well, such is life. =)

My new companion, Hna Garcia is from California, but her grandparents are from Halisco (sp) Mexico. She's been out for a while and will go home in April. She doesn't like to tell people that though. She thinks she's going to be out here forever. She's really a very very good missionary. She knows exactly how to work with ward members and to help the ward out, which something none of my past companions really focused on so its good to get that perspective on things for once and see how one person does it. She's very spiritual and very good at listening to the Spirit. All I have for you about this is, I need your prayers. Her weaknesses aren't in working with members or being consecrated or anything like that, they're working with her companions. Don't get me wrong, she really is great and when she wants to be she's really nice, thoughtful, and fun. But like all of us, she's not always like that. I need prayers for patience, for understanding, and to be able to forgive her for the things she's said and probably will say to me in the future, and for humility to accept the ways she tells me I can improve. I can't do this work while harboring bad feelings toward my companion. I just can't. So that's a little update on where I am and who my companion is.

We have two baptisms planned for the first part of this month already. Edmundo Feb 2 and Fernando Feb 10. Edmundo is the old guy who has Alzheimer's and Fernando is nine and his whole family are members but they went in active and are working on coming back to church and just moved in with Hna Diaz, the hermana who threw me the birthday party. Fernando is a very important son of God. He just has this special spirit and is super cute. When we first went over with the intentions to teach him we taught him how to pray and asked him to say a prayer and pick a day to get baptized. He got a little overwhelmed and started to cry. So I told him I'd say the prayer and then he could pick. While I said this prayer I was overcome with this overwhelming love for this little boy. I even started to cry in the middle of the prayer, which even though I cry a lot now, I can usually hold it in until I get a moment alone. Fernando is special. And I'm so excited to continue to teach him. He picked his date the 10th of Feb. The next time we went by we taught him lesson 1 (the restoration) and all he kept saying was :can I say the prayer now? Can I say it?" It was so cute. So we let him say two prayers that day, the intermediate and the closing prayer. =)

Edmundo had his interview and of course didn't remember anything that we've taught him =) but Elder N says he's still good to go. He's such a cool guy. He always is laughing at us and our mistakes in Spanish and helps us know how to say things right and he just wants to learn. He even said that even though right now he can't learn, he knows God will teach him everything someday.

So the other day I was reading a talk in the Ensign by Pres. Monson about temples. It was so good. My goodness, I love temples so much!! I just love them. In this talk he quoted Pres. Kimball who explained that as parents, not that I'm a parent yet, you should have a picture of the temple in every bedroom so as your kids grow up they will already be looking toward the temple, so they will see it and know the importance that it has. And when the time comes for them to make those important decisions in life, they'll already know the answer. I will do this when I'm a mom, many many years from now. =) I'm even going to do it before then. When I'm in college here on the mission I'm going to have the picture of a temple right where I can see it. I invite you to do the same.

Well that is all, much love to you all. I'm sending a very big hug to each and everyone of you.
Hna Scott

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