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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Perhaps for faith to be faith, it must first be tried





I'm not leaving Encanto.

I was sure I was. I've been here for three transfers now and it just seemed time to go. But we got the text this morning and it's not me who's leaving. Hna Folsom is leaving. And I'm actually very sad about this. She is technically my comp and Hna G is the one who doesn't have a companion and I know that if we didn't have this weirdo threesome thing going on, we (hna F and I) would have become really good friends. I just know it. With three you have to always be careful that you're not siding with one person too much or getting too close to one and not the other. As a result none of us are really that close at all. But it will be okay. I know it will.

In other news, it is now up in the 70s. And it is way too hot.

We're teaching an old man who's 74 who has a little bit of alzheimers and he has a baptismal date for feb 2. Yesterday he tld us that he doesn't understand a lot of the time, that he can't remember a lot of stuff, but he knows God will help him understand and will teach him everything one day. He says he feels it in his heart that he needs to get baptized and basically he's just awesome. He's like a kid almost. He has so much faith. It's amazing to watch. =)

My birthday was good. My companions tried to arrange a surprise thing with Hna Diaz. It didn't really work. I knew what they were doing, but just ignored it. They made me pozole (my favortie mexican food) and cake and they were nice enough not to shove my head too hard into the cake. It's a tradition. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but you sing and then they started chanting some words that starts with M and you as the birthday person have to take a bite out of the cake and usually someone shoves your face into the cake. But nobody tried too hard. For which I am glad, but they then did start painting my face with the cake frosting. Do not fear I will include pictures.

I hugged a man. Not on purpose I promise. =) his name is Hno Blanco. He's from El Salvador, really tall, the first time he read the BofM he saw it playing out in his head like a movie, and he's 72. It was his birthday too. And here you just hug when it's your birthday even if you've never met the person before in your life.. So he went in to hug me and I apparently it just left my mind that I can't do that sort of thing...until we were in the hug and then I was like AHHH! What am I doing!! so I kind of just patted his back awkwardly =) He reminds me of Bro Brenneman (and I'm sorry if I totally just slaughtered spelling that name.) Just like Bro B and I would hit elbows after shaking hands hno Blanco and I do the same thing. The first time I met him he says, now hermana this is how it's done. He's pretty legit. His wife is from the Mormon colonies in Chiuaua Mexico. (yes, I can spell)

Do not fear. The next man I met who tried to hug me I skilfully avoided bodily contact. His name is Carlos and it just happened to be his birthday too on Sunday and the addictions recovery class that they offer at the Stake Center every Sunday was throwing him a birthday party (don't worry I'm pretty sure he's not addicted to anything anymore. he was the Elders Quorrum pres in his old ward) so we kinda joined in on that party too. And when he tried to hug me I was prepared and stepped out of the way. =) You live and you learn.

My hair is getting long and it's almost like I don't even have bangs anymore

Oh and we had exchanges. Two actually since we're technically two areas. And I went down south. I saw some pretty cool things. 1. I saw stars!!! It was out of the city and there were fields everywhere with cotton and orange trees and all sorts of stuff so the air wasn't as yucky as it is where I live. 2. MOUNTAINS!!! I saw mountains!!! Okay they were kind of like hills but it was still cool. I do miss my mountains and I got to see some. =) 3. And the very best, I got to see Hna P. I went to the Aguila (eagle) ward but they live in the same apartment as the Montana del Sur (South mountain) hermanas which is where Hna P is. It was so great. I do love her so.

Well, that is all I can think of at the moment. Love you all
Hna Scott

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