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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blessed are the peacemakers

Another week has gone by and as usual, it was intense. We have let go/given more time/benched/whatever you want to call it when you drop an investigator (we're not supposed to say dropped anymore) just about all the investigators we had in Encanto before this transfer started. Crazy. We knew it was going to happen. It needed to happen. We can't keep working with people who aren't willing to act on their faith. And surprisingly it wasn't that upsetting to me at all. It was almost a relief. And that makes it sound bad, but that's not how I mean it. I know it's what we were supposed to do. You can't build a fire out of wet wood. And you can't help someone build a testimony who who doesn't want to act. So we told Olivia yesterday before church that we wouldn't be coming by that often anymore. She understood. We told Enrique the same thing. I don't think he got it. But we have to take their dishes back since they always are giving us food.

Mom, asked if I have ever had to speak in a sacrament meeting. No. I have not. Yet. Knock on wood. It's a little different here than it is at home. I mean, we have 7 missionaries in one ward for heavens sake!

Have I mentioned it's freezing here?!? =) I know. I've got nothing to complain about. I'm not in Utah. BUT It hasn't been this cold here in Phoenix for twelve years. At least that's what two of the members of the ward said yesterday on two different occasions. And I have to wear a skirt. All the time. And tights only keep you so warm. And church shoes aren't very good at keeping you toes warm. BUT it's not -12 so I will stop complaining. Oh one more thing. A lot of these people don't have heating in their homes, so it's just as cold inside as it is outside. At least there you can walk inside and feel warm. Ok. Complaining now over. =)

In the next three transfers we will have over 100 missionaries that have been out for less than 6 months...woah man. CRAZY!! Oh and we got the news today that for the next couple of transfers we're moving to 5 week transfers. Because of the shortened time in the MTC all missions should be shortening transfer length for a while to complensate. This will start with the next transfer. also all missionaries that got their calls before the Oct. conference will be returning home a week early. Which means I will be getting home Jan 29 of next year or something like that. Not that I'm counting down or anything. Don't worry. It's just weird to me that soon I will have less than a year left. It honestly feels like I just got here.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love priesthood session of conference? Well, if I haven't...I LOVE PRIESTHOOD SESSION!!!! AHHHH!! Next conference I'm think about sneaking in the mother's room and listening to it. =) I'm almost done with my third conference issue ensign and everytime most of my favorite talks are in that session. I don't know why. Maybe I like how direct they are about things, or when they wabam the men saying "men we've got work to do" ...nah I don't think that's it. =) I think I just love the priesthood. If you think about it, it really is the power of God. You priesthood holders have been given the authority to act in the name of God. You hold the power used to create the world, to raise people from the dead, to recieve revelation, to perform ordinances for others that they couldn't perform for themselves. How much love He must have for you to allow you to have this opportunity. Man...the church is true. =) Don't worry. I do not wish I was a man and it does not bother me one bit that I don't have the priesthood. But anyway this came from the talk I was studying in personal study today. It's called Learning in the Priesthood by Pres Eyring. (okay and I love Pres Eyring) from the may 2011 session. He talked about how in preisthood cquorums you have the opportunity to learn together and there are three things that help a quorum learn together. 1. A leader/ the president that listens to everyone and makes everyone feel included 2. Love for each other and 3. a desire to lteach others about the gospel. I loved number two. He talked about peacemakers and their roles in quorums. That in order to have a successful quorum you must have a peacemaker. Well, I while ago I felt that being a peacemaker is one of the qualities my Heavenly Father would like me to develop.

Yeah. I know. Hna Scott being a peacemaker? Who would have guessed. Not me that's for sure.

But Pres Eyring talked about what their role is in a quorom (or in a tripod companionship) as a peacemaker. And that it seems like He has set a very high goal for us, but we can succeed if you have faith, love, and a desire to improve. So that's what I'm going to work on for the next while...maybe my whole life before I even get there, but that's why we're here in the first place.

Love you all! Keep being awesome.

And please remember who you are. That your Heavenly Father loves you and you are precious to Him. If you hold the Priesthood, please oh please always remain worthy to hold it. It is a special gift. Alway remain worthy to use it.

Much love
Hna Scott

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