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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"We go to the temple to make covenants. We go home to keep them." -one of the wonderful women in the General Relief Society presidency

Sept. 30, 2013
Well, okay. Can I just tell you about what happened on Saturday night? Relief Society broadcast man!

So the last few weeks I've been studying covenants again. They really tie into everything. Honest they do. So I've made this summary paper of all the things I've learned and even when I thought I knew it all... =) ...God taught me more. So of course I've been sharing everything I've learned with the lovely sisters that I live with and my companion (poor girl has to hear it twice. Once when I tell her during companionship study and again when I tell everybody else in the house). They're all loving it too. They've started their own studies of covenants, reading old conference talks and noticing how many times covenants are mentioned and they never noticed. This morning we had a discussion about - okay, now I'm off topic. Anyway, We go to the broadcast one one of the first things that Sister Burton said was about keeping covenants and being covenant keepers.

There was an audible gasp from all four of us. Best thing ever.

Then The sisters who spoke quoted the talks I've been studying, mentioning all the things I've learned, solidifying what I knew and expanding on it.

It was totally awesome!

Now I'm expanding my study of covenants to encompass a few things mentioned in the broadcast and I'm going to buy a notebook today specifically for covenants and all the branches off of it.

Oh! And something I learned on Sunday while reading a talk about the sacrament! He talked about how important the sacrament is, then he commented on how all of the ordinances in some way or another are tied to the Atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ.. Think about it. It's true. Then today I was reading a talk by Elder Hales and he said that the blessings we receive from our covenants are possible through the Atonement. I'm a little unsure of how that works, I mean I trust that it's true something about grace and the enabling power. But by golly, I'm going to figure out how. =)

Just in case you were all wondering and I'm sure you are, I'm being fed quite delightfully here. So much so that I feel like I'm permanently full. The only reason I feel like I'm hungry is because my body is trained to eat at 7, 12, and 5. Just a heads up, I'm going to come home a little softer around the edges. Spiritually, emotionally and physically. =)


Oh yes.

There's this awesome family here in the branch. They arrived from Mexico 6ish months ago. They're awesome. They're a middle aged couple with their kids all grown and gone. They've only been married for 2 years now and the husband has only been a member of the church for 2 years. They, my heavens, are the most proper people I've ever met. They're always wearing their best clothes. Their house is always spotless, they speak so refined that at first I had a hard time understanding them because I'm used to hearing not refined Spanish. He used to work for one of the presidents of Mexico. She has all sorts of degrees and learning. They've both held high prestigious jobs in Mexico. Then something happened that they decided they needed to come to the United States. Things have been hard for them here because of immigration. Only she has a work permit, he is a dependent of her until he gets his. And she can't find a job, even with all of her qualifications.

Though most importantly, they are disciples of Jesus Christ.

The other day, he went to another member's house right as she left to go pick up her mom. Like usual, he was dressed in a suit and tie. Instead of leaving or sitting in his car with the air conditioner on, he got out and started pulling weeds while he waited for her to come back. We've heard tons of other stories about this family that are similar. They are disciples of Jesus Christ. They are keeping their covenants through service to their fellowman.

Due to their circumstances they may not be able to stay here. I pray they find a way because our little branch needs their example of discipleship.

Have a splendid week. Watch conference. Drink in the words of Christ. Receive the personal revelation you need. Go with a question and it will be answered.

Hna Scott

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