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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

He hears every word

Well, yet again, another week has gone by. Goodness gracious. I honestly just can't believe it. Before you know it...well we don't think about that.

This week has gone really very well. We had zone conference last Thursday. It was delightful. And I mean that in all honesty. Believe it or not I am trying to give up sarcasm. =) Not sure how well it's been working but it's the thought that counts right? PS last time I said that to Hermana Day she responded with, "But faith without works is dead. So your thoughts don't matter one bit."

Head desk.

Really? I mean come on.

It's true though. I can say I'm going to work on giving up sarcasm but until I actually act on it, it's no use. It's a lie.

Anyway, Zone Conference. Delightful. We learned this new way to involve members in missionary work and it's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. All you have to do is say when someone asks you a question about you, like why you don't drink coffee, or why your family is so important, or why you go to church every Sunday, you respond with "would you be willing to hear a brief message about ____________?" Fill in the blank with what they asked about. If they say no continue on with your conversation like normal. If they say yes, tell them you know two amazing young women/men who would love to share the brief message, get the needed information and WABAM!! You just did member missionary work! The key is to say "willing" and "brief."

So, the next time someone asks you about why you are the way you are, will you try the willing and brief approach?

I promise you the joy that comes from sharing the gospel. It is indescribable and I really believe a taste of what heaven really feels like.

I also spoke briefly with President Toone, which was also delightful and got a priesthood blessing. I really do understand that the priesthood in the boy (aka the normal little 18 year old missionary) is the same as the priesthood in the man (aka big seven foot giant mission president) but the big seven foot mission president always gives blessings that are beyond understanding or beyond explanation.

I really did love all the talks from conference about the priesthood and the respect and how we all are blessed from it. My goodness. I got chills from them. I'm even going to print one of them off right now so I can study it later.

Love you all.
Have a splendid day/week.
Hna Scott

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