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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another week in the mission

Well, I decided I needed to start keeping a list so I could actually write stuff to you all about what has been going on here. So I did and here I go. Okay just kidding left the list at home...opps.

Last week I got a hair cut. The first one since I left the MTC. WHich means more than 11 months ago.=) Eep. The lady looks at my hair and does not stop saying "how did you go so long without a hair cut?" I tried to describe how when you only have so much time on Pday getting a haircut is one of the last things on the list. Especially when the only sister in your ward that cuts hair only speaks Spanish. You try describing what you want done to your hair in another language. It's a frightening task. Let me tell you. Then the sister says, "well, there's so many dead ends and damage from being in a ponytail I'm going to have to cut off 3 inches. WHAT?! 3 inches?!? Yeah. Now my hair barely reaches my shoulders. But at least it's healthy again.

Golfing. We went golfing a couple of pdays ago. How does anyone play that sport for fun? I just don't understand. I don't. At least I didn't break a club like Hna L did. She hit the ground and the ball and the club went farther than the ball. And it was one of those expensive clubs with the big head used for hitting the ball really far. Hehe. It was funny. Driving the golf cart was really fun though. I enjoyed it that part.

Have I mentioned that it's a branch here? Well, it is. The branch president is Latino but both of his counselors are American. LOVE his counselors. I like him too of course. The other day at our coordination meeting we were running out of time so I just told him the important parts. Then he looks at me and says, "Hermana all of them are important." Then I promptly told him to read the paper. That's why we fill it out. *head desk* everyone busts out laughing and I slap my hand over my mouth and apologize over and over for my unbecoming behavior. Thankfully Presidente G is a forgiving man. And a jokster so he just laughed about it. =) He informed me the other day that he did indeed read the paper. =)

His counselors.

Hno S. An eyedoctor. Married for over 12 years. Has 6 kids his wife wants to have 2 more. And his kids are ADORABLE!!! Oh my heavens. I love them. During dinner the 4 year old facepalms after his dad tells him he has to eat his salad before he gets desert. I could not hold it in I just laughed and laughed. SO hard my face turned red. Hno S gets things done. He's always behind presidente following up asking about missionary work asking when they can go do member visits with us. Yep he's awesome. Fun facts: Looks like John Druit from Sanctuary and his at the time twelve year old niece set him and his wife up.

Hno B. Works for an insurance agency. Has been married for 5 years. And has five kids. They do not plan to have anymore. 2 of their kids they adopted. Recently the youngest's adoption was finalized and they got to go through the temple to be sealed to him about a month ago. Their first 2 kinds are 4 years old. THey're three months apart. The next three are between 18 and 14 months. THey have a set of twins and the child they adopted. Eating dinner last night was so fun. THey had three highchairs all next to each other for the babies. Hno B was helping Kye pray for dinner and it was the cutest thing ever. Hno B is super patient. He really wants to magnify his calling. And his one daughter (all the rest are boys) is totally a dady's girl.

We have six girls living in our apartment. Sisters V and T are English speaking. Sister V is from Korea but lives in Hawaii. She was adopted when she was 13 years old. Sis T went to Utah State and actually was one of the recuiters who gives tours of the campus and all that jazz. Hnas S and J are the other two Spanish sisters. They work in the branch with us. Hna S is from Columbia but moved here when she was 6. She's hilarious. I love her. Hna J actually reminds me a lot of my friend Bri. Other than the fact that she has flaming red hair. She's also from WJ but went to Copper Hills. She's been great to talk to when no one else is there.

Ok so that's all I can remember from my list. Oh other than one thing.


starting tomorrow.

I will be using my already existing account. Just sos you know.

Love ya

Hna Scott

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