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Sunday, September 29, 2013

"And then may God grant unto you that your burdens may be light, through the joy of his Son. And even all this can ye do if ye will." Alma 33:23

Well, in case you didn't know, it isn't always sunshine and heat in AZ. Sometimes it's rainy. And the streets are flooded. Yep. It's a nice change. Very nice. =)

Okay, FB man. I never knew all those photos I took in college for fun and then put on FB would ever be a problem. I had to go through one by one and take down all of my pictures. It took AGES!! And there are more I should probably take down as well. Harmph.

Now, without meaning to, I have a pretty good idea of all of my friends who have gotten married and had children. My close friends have been good enough to put those kinds of things on hold for me, but the others...not so much. =) Now the problem is figuring out how to use FB in a productive way to share the gospel. Hna S one of the sisters that lives in our house is so good. She uses every minute of her time productively. I'm taking lessons from her. =)

The rules for FB because you're all probably wondering if you can even talk to me is that I have to ask myself, "am I living my purpose?" So looking at so and sos wedding pictures is definitely out of the question. =) Other than that it's up to the missionary's discretion.

The funny thing is, just a few weeks ago we were doing a noche de hogar with the branch president's family and they asked us what the thing we missed most about home was. I could not think of anything really other than my family and my friends. The family didn't believe me. What about music what about sleeping in what about the internet. Etc. So then I told them I was addicted to the internet before my mission and that I don't want to get addicted to the internet again. Now I'm allowed and hour of FB time a day!! Sheesh! So much for not getting addicted to it again. =) Not to mention all of the dreams that I have that include being at home also include the internet in some form or another.

Ok so news of the week. Transfers are Wednesday. I got a call this morning and I'm training again. I'll be staying in Casa Grande. It's going to be intense.

Yesterday, we taught a prepared man. His ex wife is a member and so are all of his kids. He's been to a temple in Idaho, the one in SLC, Mesa and the lights for Christmas and the Easter Pageant. He knows all about Jose Smith, including his multiple wives, but when we told him that what matters is if he's a good person called of God he asked how he could know that. He asked what good things Jose Smith did in his life, so we told him a few and then expounded on the BofM and told him that if the book is true then Joseph Smith is true. If the book's false then Joseph Smith is false. But you must READ the book and PRAY to find out. It's like a chocolate cake you've got to taste it before knowing that it's delicious or if in fact you really don't like chocolate. It was so cool. I got about 5 mosquito bites during that lesson (we were outside) but it was totally worth it.

Oh and there's this one investigator who has the CUTEST little dogs. They're super crazy and always jump on us and bite the hems of our skirts until one day we found out that if you scratch the ones belly he immediately calms down and if you pick the other one up she calms down as well. They're adorable. Unfortunately, the investigator has stopped answering the door, but we'll keep stopping by at least to play with his puppies. =)

There's a family here in the branch. The wife is from Argentina. The husband is from here. And he doesn't speak any Spanish. When they got married she didn't speak a word of English. Now she does though. The other day she told us how they met and got married. It's an intense story including her soon to be father in law dragging her down the isle because she suddenly didn't want to do it and because she hated the man waiting for her by the bishop. Their relationship is interesting. =) It's so funny. But they make it work and now they love each other...thank heavens. She talks in this really high pitched overly sweet voice and it's really hilarious to hear her say things like "kill them" or "are you mentally ill" which she says quite often. She's a family history professional and always says exactly what's on her mind, even if that means telling the whole elders quorum that their salvation is on the line because they're not doing their family history work. Oh and she has a file on her computer for all of her genealogy files called "Alicia's Dead People." We eat with them every Sunday. It's a hoot. =)

Have a splendid week!
Hna Scott

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